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NEC Project Details


1    Financial Support to the Students of NER for Higher professional Studies, Tripura
2    Financial Support to the Students of NER for Higher professional Studies- Tripura 2018
3    Construction of Football Stadium at Lumla, Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh
4    Establishment of Magfruit factory, Manipur
5    Pilot Project for Development of Horticulture and Floriculture in BTC area, Assam
6   1. Mirem-Mikong-Jonai 2. Itanagar-Seijusa 3. Pakke-Kessang Road
7   10 Nos.MHPs in Sikkim
8   11th Plan: i) Dhodar Ali (ii) Bhabanipur NH-31 to Manas National Park via Sadarvitha Ananda Bazar and Gati,iii)Pakke Seijosa Itakhola,iv)Lowairpowa Kanhumn
9   11th Plan: i)Upgradation of Kholaghari to Jaubari (ii) Impr. of Reshi (Legship) to Bermiok (iii) Carpeting of Chongrang-Kongri-Labdang(iv) Impr. to Pakyong, Mamring, Tareythang Rorathang
10   11th Plan: Khedacherra-Damcherra-Zamuang-Kawrtethawveng-Tuilitkawn (KDZKT)
11   132 kV Nazira -Mariani Line (60kM) along with 132/33 kV S/S at Nazira
12   1st Mizoram Open FAI CAT-II Accuracy Championship cum Festival - 2018
13   1st Nagaland International Trade Expo
14   2022-23 Pakke Seijosa Itakhola road in Arunachal Pradesh
15   21 MW Baramura (Unit-V) Gas Based Thermal Project
16   2nd Circuit 132 kV S/C Transmission Line between Stage III and Stage IV ( 10 Km)
17   3rd North Eastern States Tourism (NEST) Forum Meeting at Sikkim
18   A/E scheme on Khuga river at Zoummunnuam Churachandpur district, Manipur
19   A/E Scheme on Tazang Siya Sikhe (Hong) rivers A.P.
20   A/E works on Koite stream u/s of Tiddim Road Crossing,Churachandpur,Manipur
21   Aamloga Barasapur soil Conservation and water distribution project under Sonitpur Soil Conservation division Assam
22   Abiogenesis Centre for Performing Arts and Culture at Dimapur
23   Academy of Wrestling, Akara at Dimapur, Nagaland
24   Accident & Trauma Centre, Kolasib
25   Accident & Trauma Centre, Nongpoh
26   Accident & Trauma Centre, Serchhip
27   Adoption of Milch Buffalo(Murrah) in around Loktak Lake of Manipur
28   Adoption of Milch Buffalo(Murrah) in around Loktak Lake of Manipur
29   AE & FC Scheme on Thoubal River, Phase-VI
30   Agartala-Mohanpur-Chebri
31   Agia-Medhipara-Phulbari-Tura (Assam)
32   Agia-Medhipara-Phulbari-Tura road (Meghalaya)
33   Agri development in cluster basis at Peren, Mokokchung and Mon districts, Nagaland
34   All India Civil Services Badminton Tournament 2016-2017
35   Alternative Model of the Shifting Cultivation at Rajen Happa of Ruhi, Tagungpung, Jaapug, Tamuk, Lota and Sartam Village under Tali Circle, Arunachal Pradesh
36   Amelioration of Acid Soil on Horticulture Crop Areas
37   Anti erosion and Flood Control Scheme along Terakhongsangbi stream in Bishnupur District, Manipur
38   Anti erosion and flood control works along Chakpi river L.B.B. and R.B.B. at Serou, Thoubal district, Manipur
39   Anti erosion and Flood Control works on Chakpi river, Chandel District from Chakpikarong Bazaar to Hringphe village and along United College stretch, Manipur
40   Anti Erosion Work on Chathe River for Protection of Christian Institute of Health Sciences & Research Complex at 4th Mile, Dimapur, Nagaland
41   Anti erosion work on Right bank of Sissiri river at Silluk area to protect Ngopok and its adjoining village area, agriculture land area and Mebodola road
42   Anti Erosion work on Tara Tamak river to protect Godum and its adjoining village of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam and Agriculture land area.
43   Anti Erosion work on the left bank of Ngopok river to protect Borguli and its adjoining villages of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
44   Anti Erosion Work to protect Parang, Pollung, Tatpu, Yaya, Nguriangbung and Totpo villages(School Bldg. Agricultural fields and houses) at newly created CO HQ at Parang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh
45   Anti Erosion works over Dollung river at Dollungmukh Circle under Lower Subansiri District.
46   Anti Erosionk on Right Left Bank of Kolma river to protect Kolmajuli Village in Arunachal Pradesh
47   Anti-erosion and Flood Control scheme on Imphal river on 9.60km U/S of Koirengei bridge (RD.0.00km) at Awang Sekmai, Imphal West District, Manipur
48   Anti-Erosion and Flood Control works of Thoubal river on LBB and RBB from RD.10,713M to RD.41,078M, Thoubal District, Manipur
49   Anti-Erosion measures at different reaches on both bank of river Pomra(Assam)
50   Anti-Erosion measures to protect Ranipur and its adjoining area from the erosion of river Pekua in Assam
51   Anti-erosion measures to protect BB of river Darranga at different reaches, Baksa District, Assam
52   Anti-erosion measures to protect village Uma Nagar upstream and its adjoining area from the erosionof river Gangia, Kokrajhar District, Assam
53   Anti-erosion measures to protect villages of Lantibari No.1 and 2 Porbotjhora and Pub-Amguri, Chirang District from erosion of river Kanamakra on RB, Assam
54   Anti-Erosion Scheme on Langdangkhong Stream, Ukhrul District, Manipur
55   Anti-Erosion Scheme on Sippi River, Saitu-Gamphazol Sub division, Senapati District
56   Anti-Erosion work at Senki river from Industrial colony to market area Chandranagar, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh
57   Anti-erosion work on Senki river to protect Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic Institute at Vivek Vihar, Papum Pare District, Arunchal Pradesh
58   Anti-Erosion work on Siang River to Protect Loki Partung Agricultural Land and nearby villages at Pasighat, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh
59   Anti-erosion work on Tizu river at Zunheboto District, Nagaland
60   Anti-Erosion works at Mahadevpur Circle, Arunachal Pradesh
61   Anti-Erosion works on right bank of Sibo Korong river to protect Pasighat Township Ph-I, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh
62   AntiErosion works on Pare river at Papum Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh
63   AP- Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
64   AP- Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses- 2018
65   Asian confluence River Festival NADI, 2016
66   Assam -Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
67   Assam -Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses 2018
68   Assam-Financial support to North Eastern Region for higher professional courses
69   Assam-Pakyong
70   Assam-Survey & Investigation of Jowai-Khanduli-Baithalangsu Road
71   Augmentation and Improvement of existing T and D System in and around Sangram Administrative HQ in Kurung Kumey District, Arunachal Pradesh
72   Augmentation and Improvement of LT Distribution System in and Hapoli Town Ship Area(Ziro).
73   Augmentation and Improvement of Power Distribution System in and around Yangte Administrative Hq. Kurung Kumey District, Arunachal Pradesh
74   Augmentation and Improvement of S/S at Banderdewa to 2x3.15 MVA,33/11 kV S/S and 10 kM of 33 kV line from Nirjulu to Banderdewa
75   Augmentation by addition of 132/11kV, 1x12.5 MVA, Transformer along with associated equipments at 132kV Udaipur Substation, South Tripura
76   Augmentation by addition of 132/33kV,1x20/25 MVA, Transformer along with associated equipments and civil works at 132kV Mission Tilla Substation, Dharmanagar, Tripura
77   Augmentation by capacity addition of 1X20/25 MVA, 132/33kV transformer and 2X12.5MVA, 132/11kV transformer with associated equipments at Mission Tilla 132kV Sub-Station, Dharmanagar, North Tripura
78   Augmentation of transformer capacity of 132/33kV Biswanath Charali (Pavoi) Sub-Station from 2X16 MVA to 2X40 MVA, Assam
79   Augmentation of 132/33KV Sub-station from 1 x 20.0 MVA + 3X3.5.0MVA (35 MVA) to 2 X 20 MVA + 2 X 5.0 MVA(50 MVA) at Rongkhon, West Garo Hills District
80   Augmentation of Dentam Water Supply Scheme , Phase-II, Sikkim
81   Augmentation of Dentam Water Supply Scheme in West Sikkim
82   Augmentation of Dentam Water Supply Schemes, Phase II, Sikkim
83   Augmentation of production potential of hybrid true potato seed at Horticulture research centre, nagichera, tripura
84   Augmentation of Rubber Plantation and production in BTC/BTAD Area, Assam
85   Augmentation of Sub Station Capacity by addition of 1x20/25 MV,132/33kV Transformer along with associated Civil Work at Ambassa, Dhalai District, Tripura
86   Augmentation of Top Dusara Water Supply Scheme, Imphal East District, Manipur
87   Augmentation of transformer capacity of 220X132 kV BTPS Sub-Station from 1X160 MVA + 1X80MVA to 2X160, Assam
88   Augmentation of Water Supply at Jairampur Township from Ngaphy Nallah, Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh
89   Augmentation of Water Supply for Namthang Bazar from Paha Khola and Khop source in South Sikkim.
90   Augmentation of Water Supply Schemes for Makha Bazar in East Sikkim (Schemes of Sikkim)
91   Augmentation of Water-Supply Scheme through stream Water sources in Japukong range, Mokokchung
92   Automation of manual inner line permit system in Arunachal Pradesh
93   Baithalangsu-Kampur-Raha
94   Balance portion of Agia-Medhipara-Phulbari-Tura road
95   Balance portion of Rymbai-Bataw-Jalalpur road
96   Balance work of Manu-Chamanu-Govidbari Road
97   Balance works of Rongjeng Mangsang Adokgre Road from 0.00 to 32.00 Km and 39.00 to 43.00 Km including 90.00 m bridge over Ildek river at 44 Km
98   Bamboo development for socio-economic upliftment of rural poor through community based approach in Tripura
99   Bamboo Plantation on Commercial Basis in BTC Area (Bodoland Territorial Areas).
100   Bank protection at Ouguri R/B, Amguri R/B and Amlighat L/B on the river Killing Ph-I, Morigaon District, Assam
101   Barapani-Umroi-Mawlasnai
102   Baulpui NG and Lungzarhtum Water Supply Schemes, Saiha, Mizoram
103   Beautification of Sela Lake in Tawang District
104   Bee keeping and honey development in Nagaland
105   Beekeeping and Honey Development in Nagaland Phase II
106   Beel Development for Sustainable Livelihood in Dibrugarh, Golaghat, Nagaon and Darrang Districts of Assam
107   Behdeinkhlam Festival 2017
110   Bermick Lengship
111   Bhairabi-Zamuang
112   Bhanga-Anipur-Kanaibazar
113   Bio Medical Waste Management Incinerators System for District Hospital Lawngtlai Champai Mamit and Serchip in Mizoram
114   Bio-Diversity Conservation of Basistha Bahini in South West part of Greater Guwahati
115   Bridge over Barak at Fulertal
116   Bridge over Gaglacherra
117   Building of IT Infrastructure and Modernization of Motor Vehicle Department, Nagaland
118   C/o Anti Erosion Work to Protect Brokentang Village and the Adjoining areas in Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh
119   C/o Flood and erosion management scheme at Injan to protect Kharsang and adjoining area under Miao sub-division in Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh
120   C/o Flood protection work at Lebia River to protect agricultural field at Upper Karoi village under Sagalee Circle District Papumpare, Arunachal Pradesh.
121   C/o RCC retaining wall at Tapik Nallah (Karsingsa river) to protect Tapik Colony, Karsingsa, Papum Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh
122   Capacity building for Rural Eco-Tourism Guides and Village Hospitality Service Providers
123   Capacity building for service providers in Tourism sector in Meghalaya
124   Capacity building for Tourism Sector for Food Craft Institute, Tura
125   Celebration of Chingdang Festival 2016
126   Celebration of Jorethang Maghey Mela 2018
127   Celebration of Menchuka Adventure Festival 2016
128   Celebration of Monggu Banggo Etor Festival at Mer Village of East Siang District
129   Celebration of Mopin Festival at Tadin Village under West Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh
130   Celebration of Myoko festival at Ziro, AP
131   Celebration of Nyokum Yullo Festival at Sagalee-2012-13
132   Celebration of Poi Sangken festival at Chongkham
133   Celebration of Sikkim Red Panda Winter Carnival 2017-18
134   Centre of excellence for development of fish farming at Geying, Jomo village PO/PS Rumgong under Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh
135   Chakung-Khaniserbong Road
136   Chapchar Kut 2019
137   Chapchar Kut, 2017
138   Chathe Irrigation Project at Sochunoma Village, Dimapur
139   Cherra-Mawsmai-Shella
140   Churachandpur-Singhat
141   Citrus rejuvenation and development of Orange in Meghalaya
142   Civil Works for upgradation of Cancer Hospital, Agartala, Tripura
143   Coaching and Training Programmes to various Clubs of the Association during 2017 at Shillong
144   Combined-Dhupdhara-Adokgiri Road (Br.No. 1/1, 1/2, 5/1, 5/2 and 10/1) & Br.No. 10/2
145   Combined-Krishnai-Mendipathar Conversion of SPT Brs. to RCC Brs. No. 3/4, 4/4, 8/3, 8/4 and 11/1 & 9/2, 11/2 & 13/2
146   Community Based Eco-Tourism for the Mawphlang Sacred Grove
147   Community Complex at Edenthar, Aizawl, Mizoram
148   Community Hall at Chandmary West, Aizawl, Mizoram
149   Compact Area Development Agriculture and Horticulture sector at chising Nyodi and soko koro under Magria village of chetam circle of Upper Subansiri District
150   Compact area development on Agriculture & Horticulture sector at Badi,Yaren & Jipa of Deke Village(TIRBIN),A.P.
151   Compact Area Horticulture Garden with Orange, Pineapple and Banana Cultivation at Radum(Nyoya) Village under Kamporijo Circle in Lower Subansiri District
152   Composite Water Supply project at Kozhiirii and Likhurii Valleys, Phase-I, Senapati District, Manipur
153   Composite water supply scheme at Oklong in Manipur
154   Composite Water Supply Scheme at Ramrei and its surrounding area, Ukhrul Dist, Manipur
155   Composite Water Supply Scheme for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya(JNV) at Lambui and its surrounding villages
156   Composite Water Supply Scheme for Mualnuam & Songtal Churuchandpur District in Manipur
157   Computerisation of Food & Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Department
158   Computerisation of Food and Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Department
159   Computerization Networking & Modernization of Nagaland Legislative Assembly
160   Computerization of NSCB on CBS Platform with Financial inclusion Technology
161   Conducting 34th Junior National Archery Championship at Shillong, Meghalaya
162   Conducting a Detailed Survey on Water Resource Potential in Nagaland, including preparation of Report on Potential of River, Nagaland
163   Conducting of Summer Festival at Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh
164   Const. of (1) 40 Mtr Span steel bridge over Rinzi Khola at Kholaghari Namchi Vok Road and (2) 40 mtr. span stell bridge over Lower Ben Khola at Saino Taar along Pabong-Yangyang road
165   Const. of 2 Nos. Steel Bridges at (i) Over Upper Ben Khola at Ben on Tarku-Rabongla and (ii) Approach road to Khedum Village
166   Const. of 24R loading single lane bridge over river Kawchhaktuipui on Champai-North-Vanlaiphai road
167   Const. of Br. over Teesta on Dikchu Sangkalang Mangan
168   Const. of Chiephopozou-Tuophema via Cheithu Airport Road
169   Const. of Infrastructure Development of PHC at Dadam, Co HQ in Tirap, Arunachal Pradesh
170   Const. of missing link between NH-150 and approach road to Chalfilh (Vanzua) Tourist Centre
171   Const. of Steel Bridge over river Rongni Chu on Sangkhola-Sumin Road
172   Construction of Community based Fishery Project at Beiswampui, Peren District, Nagaland
173   Construction and Establishment of Sports Centre at Phulpui Aizawl, Mizoram
174   Construction and Protection work at Karsingsa on Dikrong River
175   Construction of 2.5 MVA, 33/11 KV Sub-Station at Zokhawsang, Assam Rifles Complex Area, Mizoram
176   Construction of 1 No.33/11kV, 1X1.6 MVA unmanned sub-station at Longmatra under Kiphire Division, Nagaland
177   Construction of 100 seated capacity of men hostel at Regional College of Physical Education at Panisagar, North Tripura
178   Construction of 11/11 KV switching sub-station including re-arrangement and drawing of 11 KV transmission line at Kongri alongwith modernization of Tashiding Bazar in West Sikkim, Sikkim
179   Construction of 11KV 3 Phase heavy duty transmission line from Rabong to Borong via Deorali and Construction of COntrol room at Ralong _ Construction of 3 phase 11KV Heavy Duty Transmission line from Rabong to Nambong via Zarong, Sikkim
180   Construction of 132 KV Khumtung - 1 Bay at Melriat, Mizoram
181   Construction of 132 KV Khumtung -II Bay at Melriat, Mizoram
182   Construction of 132 KV LILO of Sumer NEHU Line at 132/33 KV, 2X20 MVA Sub-Station at Umiam, Meghalaya
183   Construction of 132 KV S/c Transmission line on D/C tower from Agia (Assam) to Nangalbibra (Megh), (110 KM)
184   Construction of 132/33 KV, 2X20 MVA Sub-Station at Umiam in Meghalaya
185   Construction of 132/33KV 2X20 MVA Substation at Mendipathar(Ph-I), East Garo Hills,Meghalaya
186   Construction of 132/33KV 2X20 MVA Substation at Mendipathar(Ph-II), East Garo Hills,Meghalaya
187   Construction of 132/33KV, 1x16 MVA Plus 1x25 MVA Umrangshu Substation, North Cachar Hills District. Assam
188   Construction of 132KV D/C on LILO on Mawlai-Cherra S/C Line at Mawngap Substation, Meghalaya
189   Construction of 132KV DC Transmission Line from Hoj to Itanagar inc. 2X20MVA sub-station at Chimpu, Itanagar
190   Construction of 132kV S/C line on D/C tower from Bairabi to W. Phaileng via Mamit with associated bays (74 Ckm) in Mizoram
191   Construction of 132KV S/C Transmission line from Melriat Sub-Station (14.5 Ckm) to Luangmual and 132 KV Bay at Luangmual, Aizawl.
192   Construction of 132kV SC Transmission Line from 132kV Ambassa substation to Gandacherra Substation Tripura
193   Construction of 1X2.5MVA, 33/11KV S/s at Buarpuii and Saiphai with associated lines, Mizoram
194   Construction of 200 bedded (G+2) Yuba Awas (Youth Hostel) in Ambassa Dhalai District at Tripura
195   Construction of 220/132/33kV Substation at Chiephobozou Block (Zhadima)(Part-II), Nagaland
196   Construction of 26 Nos. of Rural Foot bridges in Sikkim (Phase-I)
197   Construction of 2X10MVA 132/33KV and 2X10MVA, 33/11KV Sub-station including LILO at Bishramganj, Sepahijala District, Tripura.
198   Construction of 2x12.5 MVA, 132/33 KV Central Sub-Station at Melriat
199   Construction of 2x5 MVA, 33/11 KV Power Substation at Daparijo, Upper Subansiri District
200   Construction of 2X500kW Ponglefo SHEP, Nagaland
201   Construction of 33 KV Express Line from Old Ziro to Tamen (45 KM) with 2X3.15 MVA, 33/11 S/s at Tamen in Arunachal Pradesh
202   Construction of 33 KV Single Circuit Express Line from Changlang Power Sub-station to Khimiyang i/c providing of 2x1 MVA,33/11 KV Power Sub-station at Khimiyang, Arunachal Pradesh
203   Construction of 33 KV Transmission Line from Serchhip Sub-Station to Sialsuk with 33 KV Sub-Station at Sialsuk, Mizoram
204   Construction of 33/11 KV,2x1 MVA Substation at Pistana, Lower Subansiri District
205   Construction of 33/11kV Sub-Station at Durtlang with 9kms 33kV line from 132kV Zuangtui Sub-Station, Mizoram
206   Construction of 33/11KV, 2x1 MVA Sub-Station at Pania including construction of 33 KV Express line from Palin, Kurung Kumey District, Arunachal Pradesh
207   Construction of 33/11kV, 2X5 MVA Sub-Station alongwith associated 33kV, 11kV and LT Feeders at Bishnupur Panchali under Dhemaji Electrical Division, APDCL, Dhemaji, Assam
208   Construction of 33KV Express line from Khonsa to Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh
209   Construction of 33KV Express Line from Migo-Zara to Pistana, Lower Subansiri District, A.P.
210   Construction of 33KV Express Line from Nirjuli to Kimin via Hoz and Potin, Arunachal Pradesh
211   Construction of 33KV express line from Pistana Substation to Mengio, A.P.
212   Construction of 33KV line from Byrnihat to Nongpoh with a provision for double circuit line, Meghalaya
213   Construction of 33kV Line from Pakke to Chayangtajo including 2x1 MVA, 33/11 kV Substation at Chayangtajo, East Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh.
214   Construction of 33kV line on towers from Aibawk to Sialsuk with associated bays and 11kV line, Aizawl, Mizoram
215   Construction of 33kV Transmission lines, 33/11kV Substation,11kV lines, 11/0.4kV Distribution substation and LT Lines in Kohima, Nagaland
216   Construction of 50 Type III residential quarters for hostel superintendent in ST and SC in Tripura
217   construction of 500 MT multi-chamber cold storage at Satchand
218   Construction of 66/33/11 KV, 5 MVA Sub-Station at Mon
219   Construction of 66kV S/c Transmission Line from 132/66kV Switchyard at Ravangla to Central University with 66/11kV, 2x5 MVA substation at Yangang, South Sikkim
220   Construction of a Basic Science Building
221   Construction of a Convention Centre at Reiek Tourist Resort in Mizoram
222   Construction of a Rural Market Complex at Sohiong Village in the East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
223   Construction of Adventure Tourism Camping cum Recreation Site at Huto Village in Doimukh, Papum-Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh
224   Construction of Agro Market Complex at Mayang Imphal Bazar, Imphal West, Manipur
225   Construction of anti erosion and protection wall at Raks and Hiya village at Nyapin circle of Kurung Kumey District AP
226   Construction of Anti Erosion Scheme on Khuga River at Zoumunnuam, Churachandpur District
227   Construction of Approach Road and Internal Roads of Industrial Growth Centre at Luangmual, Aizawl, Mizoram
228   Construction of Approach Road and Security Fencing at IHM, Dimapur, Nagaland
229   Construction of approach road to PSC bridge over R. Tlawang on Bairabi - Zamuang road
230   Construction of Auditorium and Compound Wall of Sainik School, Imphal
231   Construction of Auditorium Hall at Chamata Higher Secondary School, Nalbari, Assam
232   Construction of Bhawnipur NH31 to Manas National Park via Saudarvitha Ananda Bazar Road in Assam
233   Construction of boundary wall for Govt. Higher Secondary School, Nyapin, A.P.
234   Construction of boundary wall of boys hostel (RIPSAT)
235   Construction of Boy's and Girl's Hostel-cum-Boundary Wall Supply at SSA ME School at Diphu Gongo-II, Upper Subanisir District
236   Construction of Boy's Hostel, Girl's Hostel and Compound Fencing at the R.K. Sanatombi Devi Vidyala Jiribam Bapupara, Imphal East
237   Construction of Boys and Girls Hostel for Higher Secondary School at Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh
238   Construction of Buffer Water Reservoir at Shirui village for Ukhrul town
239   Construction of building for accomodation of sports persons, official etc. at JNS Complex, Polo Ground, Shillong
240   Construction of building for the department geology cotton college, Guwahati, Assam
241   Construction of Chandranath Sarmah H.S.School at Bihaguri Sonitpur District,Assam
242   Construction of CHC infrastructure at Seijosa in East Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh
243   Construction of check dam/retaining wall & drainage work to prevent landslide in Dawrpui Vengthar locality in Aizawl
244   Construction of Circuit House Churachandpur, Churachandpur Town
245   Construction of College Hostel at Patkai Christian College Chumukedima, Seithekiema, Nagaland
246   Construction of Common Facility Centers in Hill Districts of Manipur for Processing of Agriculture and Horticulture Products
247   Construction of composite Regional Centre (North East) for Disability study and action in Assam
248   Construction of comprehensive spastic children care complex
249   Construction of Concrete Damcross Heroik Litan Makhong, Thoubal
250   Construction of Concrete Weir across Sekmai river near old bridge, Imphal District Manipur
251   Construction of Covered Gallery at Dirang
252   Construction of covered Public Sitting Gallery including Construction of Dressing Room, Association Hall, Medical Hall, Official Rooms, Ball Boys Room, Toilet etc at the ground floor at ground No.1, Shillong
253   Construction of Cross Regulator across Choukidarkhong stream and Improvement/re-sectioning of parent channels( Komlakhong Thoubal District)
254   Construction of Cultural Centre-cum-Auditorium at Vaivakawn, Mizoram
255   Construction of Cultural Complex at Aboi
256   Construction of Cultural-cum-Development Centre at Miao
257   Construction of Departmental Building of Science College at Soreng, West Sikkim
258   Construction of Destitute Home (Child Care Institute) at Begha, Dentam, West Sikkim
259   Construction of Dimapur Airport Drainage System (Phase-III)
260   Construction of double storied school building at Sagalee Govt. Higher Secondary School
261   Construction of Dr. T.Ao Regional Football Academy at Dimapur, Nagaland
262   Construction of Eco-Tourism destination at Sendenyu Bio-diversity and wildlife conservation area Kohima Nagaland
263   Construction of Eco-Tourism Park at Langkawet, East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
264   Construction of embankment cum road including sluice gates and protection works on the left bank of river Galwang on the Mandagre to Salsella-Balachanda road at Haldibari (3.35 km), West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya.
265   Construction of Express 33kV line from Dirang to Jang in West Kameng and Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh
266   Construction of Fire Station, Central Workshop-cum-Garage, Water Reservoir and Fire Fighting Equipments and Appliance.
267   Construction of Fish Farm at Bherbari, Part-I Assam
268   Construction of flood protection wall at Upper Dhokoso Agri Field at Gang Village, Papumpare Dist., A.P.
269   Construction of Football Stadium at Changlang in Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh
270   Construction of Football Stadium at Lumla, Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh
271   Construction of Football Stadium at Raga
272   Construction of Football Stadium at Sakiang, Papumpare District, Arunachal Pradesh
273   Construction of G+4 building for Skill development at Ramakrishna Mission, Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Ramakrishna Mission, Quinton Road, Shillong
274   Construction of Gated Weir across Yaralkhong at Gurupat, Imphal East District, Manipur
275   Construction of Girls Hostel at Borduria and Construction of 6 Teachers Quarter
276   Construction of Girls Hostel at Wangkhei model High School Campus, Imphal East, Manipur
277   Construction of Government High School Auditorium at Longsa, Nagaland
278   Construction of Government High Secondary and Hostel building at Sangratsu village, Mokokchung, Nagaland
279   Construction of guest house and wayside amenities at Swangngrei Hamegaon, West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
280   Construction of Guest House at Longleng District Head Quarter, Longleng, Nagaland
281   Construction of Hiya Primary Health Centre under ADC Hq Nyapin, Arunachal Pradesh
282   Construction of Homes for Cancer affected children by Deepshikhia, Guwahati
283   Construction of hostel, science and computer building for the childrens christian school
284   Construction of Indoor Stadium at Ampati, South Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
285   Construction of Indoor Stadium at Electric Veng at Aizawl, Mizoram
286   Construction of Indoor Stadium at Hunli Township, Lower Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh
287   Construction of Indoor Stadium at Longleng
288   Construction of Indoor Stadium at Madan Tukhon Jongksha, East Khasi Hills, District, Meghalaya
289   Construction of Indoor Stadium at Raga under Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
290   Construction of Indoor Stadium at Toru Arunachal Pradesh
291   Construction of Indoor Stadium at Zhadima Village
292   Construction of Indoor Stadium Sports Hall at Tpep Pale, Jowai, Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya
293   Construction of Indoor Stadium-cum-Auditorium at GHSS, Basar,Arunachal Pradesh
294   Construction of Infrastructure for Inegrated training of the Youth and Sports cum Convention Hall, Lower Chandmari, West Garo Hills District, Tura. Meghalaya
295   Construction of Inter State Truck Terminus at Imphal (Sekmai)
296   Construction of Kumbani Stadium at Mangkolemba Town
297   Construction of Leel Middle School
298   Construction of Lianchhiari Run (A multi facility Centre)
299   Construction of Library cum Museum at Ungma Mokokchung, Nagaland
300   Construction of LILO on 132 KV Single Circuit Mawlai-Nangalbibra S/c Line at Mawngap Substation, Meghalaya
301   Construction of LILO on 132KV Agia-Nangalbibra Line at Mendipathar, Meghalaya
302   Construction of Main Building of School of Nursing, Synod Hospital, Durtland, Mizoram
303   Construction of Market shed at Salbari Bazar at Mushalpur, Assam
304   Construction of Mega Festival cum Multipurpose Ground with Parking Facilities and Approach Road at Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
305   Construction of Mega Water Treatment Plant, Koloriang, KUrung Kumey District, Arunachal Pradesh
306   Construction of Mini Barrage across Langathel river nearby Lamlong Khunou, Thoubal District, Manipur.
307   Construction of Mini Football Stadium at Dalu, West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
308   Construction of mini outdoor stadium at Rijo ground
309   Construction of MIni Outdoor Stadium at Wozhuro Towm, Wokha District
310   Construction of Mini Sports Stadium at Chambang under Kurung Kumey District, AP
311   Construction of Mini Sports Stadium at Chambang under Kurung Kumey District, AP
312   Construction of Mini Sports Stadium at Yachuli and Yazali, AP
313   Construction of Mini Stadium at Bihaguri, Guwahati
314   Construction of Mini Stadium Englan, Wokha, Nagaland
315   Construction of Mission Veng Bazar Complex at Mission Veng, Aizawl, Mizoram
316   Construction of Multi Disciplinary Outdoor Sports Complex at New District HQ Peren, Nagaland
317   Construction of Multi-purpose Super Market Complex at Capital Region, Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh
318   Construction of Multi-Sports Centre at Muallungthu at Mizoram
319   Construction of Multilevel Parking at Rullinou, Kohima, Nagaland
320   Construction of Multipurpose Community Hall at Dumporijo ADC HQ, Upper Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
321   Construction of Multipurpose Hall at MLA Hostel Kohima Nagaland
322   Construction of Multipurpose Hall at Tawang
323   Construction of Multipurpose Indoor Stadium at Garobadha, South West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
324   Construction of Multipurpose Indoor Stadium at Sanis SDO HQ Wokha District
325   Construction of Multipurpose Indoor Stadium-cum-Badminton Hall at Langrh, Nyobia Circle under Kurung Kumey District, Arunachal Pradesh
326   Construction of Multipurpose Shopping Complex at Hapoli Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
327   Construction of Multipurpose Sports Centre for Northern Region of Mizoram at Darlawn
328   Construction of Multipurpose Stadium at G.Rio, Kohima
329   Construction of Multipurpose Stadium at Phutsero, Nagaland
330   Construction of Museum-cum-Library, Tribal Research Institute, at Manipur
331   Construction of NBCC Convention Centre at Kohima (New Capital Complex)
332   Construction of new 132kV Substation for shifting 132kV Zuangtui Sub-station with associated interlinking 132 kV Lines Aizawl, Mizoram
333   Construction of New 33KV line on ST pole with Raccoon conductor from Khliehtyrshi to Wahiajer 33/11KV, 5.o MVA Substation with control room, Meghalaya
334   Construction of New distribution system of Ravangla Town
335   Construction of New Market Building at Dawrpui Veng, Aizawl
336   Construction of Nursing School with Hostel at Phungre, Ukhrul as an Extension of Leishiphung Christian Hospital, Ukhrul, Manipur
337   Construction of Observation, Home/Special Home Complex at Pukpui, Mizoram
338   Construction of old age home at Boomtar, Namchi, South Sikkim
339   Construction of Outdoor Stadium and Boundary Wall at Government Higher Secondary School, Kanubari, Longding District, Arunachal Pradesh
340   Construction of Outdoor Stadium at Chayangtajo in East Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh
341   Construction of Outdoor Stadium at Jang in Tawang District
342   Construction of Outdoor Stadium at Mon District Headquarters, Nagaland
343   Construction of Outdoor Stadium at Sagalee, Papum Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh
344   Construction of Outdoor Stadium at Saringyim Nokpu-B
345   Construction of Outdoor Stadium at Tezu, Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh
346   Construction of Outdoor Stadium in Pughoboto Sub-Divisional Head Quarter.
347   Construction of Permanent Stage-cum-Covered Gallery at Common Festival Ground, Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh
348   Construction of Pick Up Weir across Loklai River at Pengjang, Churachandpur District, Manipur
349   Construction of Pick up Weir and Pucca Canal at Hungpung Chihui Kaziphung village, Ukhrul District
350   Construction of Playground cum-Gallery
351   Construction of Proposed R.C.C. two storied Boy's Hostel for Diphu Government College at Diphu, Assam
352   Construction of Protective works for VIP road at Gangtok
353   Construction of R.C.C (G+2) building for Seminar Hall, Computer Centre and facilities for car parking at Darrang College Tezpur, Assam
354   Construction of Regional Multi-Utility Town Hall and Cultural Centre, Tinsukia
355   Construction of residential accomodation and staff quarters and bachelor barrack of I.T.I. Balinong,Miao
356   Construction of Road from Yaripok Bazar to Charangpat
357   Construction of Rural road from Nacho BRTF to Koba village under Nacho (10.00 Kms)
358   Construction of S.T. Boy's Hostel at Karong Village, Senapati District, Manipur
359   Construction of Saviour Orphan Children Home at Gossaigaon, Kokrajhar, Assam
360   Construction of School Building in various location of Sikkim
361   Construction of School Infrastructure for J.N. Aier Residential School at Yajang, Mokokchung, Nagaland
362   Construction of Science Block at Kamrang Govt. Degree College at Namchi, South Sikkim
363   Construction of Science Lab (G+2) Block of United Chandel, Manipur
364   Construction of Science Lab(G+2) Block of Thoubal College, Thoubal Manipur,
365   Construction of Security Fencing Patrolling Road, Culvert, Protection Camps, Watch Towers and Barrack at Singphan Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagaland
366   Construction of Shaded Gallery at Kohima Local Ground
367   Construction of Sialkal Mini Sports Complex
368   Construction of SLDC Building at Nagarjan,Dimapur, Nagaland
369   Construction of Sports Hostel at Sarihajan
370   Construction of State Emporium cum Artifacts House at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh
371   Construction of steel bridge over river Takchamchu along Chandmari-Rongnek-Bhusuk-Assam Road 21 Km in East Dist.
372   Construction of Storm Water Disposal for Jorethang Bazar, Sikkim
373   Construction of Swimming Pool and Transit Hostel at Iamphelpat, Manipur
374   Construction of system improvement HT/LT lines including distribution substation in & around Daporijo township
375   Construction of T.B. Hospitals each at Mangan, North District and Gyalshing, West District, Sikkim
376   Construction of the LILO 132KV D/C from Stage-IV to Sarusajai line (4.08 Km) at Umtru Switchyard in Meghalaya
377   Construction of Theimeze MI Project, Cheichama Village
378   Construction of Titlagarh(Sonari) Sports Complex, Titlagarh
379   Construction of Tourism Amusement Park (Including Picnic Spot & Cottages) at Dollungmukh, Lower Subansari District, Arunachal Pradesh
380   Construction of Tourism Park at Koide Zho of Senapati District, Manipur
381   Construction of Tourist Lodge and Rejuvenation of Maryland lake at 10th Mile, Oyan Circle, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh
382   Construction of Tourist Lodge at Jalukie, Peren, Nagaland
383   Construction of tourist lodge at Laaying in Kurung Kumey District,A.P.
384   Construction of Tourist Lodge near Pamluk Village under Kamparijo Circle, Raga Sub-Division, Ziro Divisiaon, Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
385   Construction of Tourist Resort at Dzukou, Viswema Range, Nagaland
386   Construction of Tribal Boys & Girls Hostel at Mayoyrumtang(Green land),Ukhrul District,Manipur
387   Construction of Tribal Hostel(Boys & Girls) at Chingmeirong, Imphal
388   Construction of Tuiriza (100KW) and Tuiching (100KW) Micro Hydel Project - 2x100KW in Phullen and Hrianghmun, Mizoram
389   Construction of Urban Recreational and Resource Centre Kohima, Nagaland
390   Construction of Vertical Extension of 1st Floor(Part),2nd and 3rd Floors of M.D.S building at Regional Dental College, Guwahati, Assam
391   Construction of Viswema-Kidima-Zuketsa-Tadubi Road
392   Construction of Water Supply at CO Hq Dadam, Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh
393   Construction of Water Supply at Majitar in South Sikkim
394   Construction of Water Supply at Majitar in South Sikkim
395   Construction of Water Supply Scheme for Tumukhong Moirangpurel and its surrounding areas, Imphal East District, Manipur.
396   Construction of women market at Khuman Lampak(Dingku Road) Opposite ISBT, Imphal East , Manipur
397   Construction of Working Women Hostel at Kohima, Nagaland
398   Construction of X-Ray Block(10Nos.) ,Kitchen Blocks (19 nos) and Garage-cum-Seminar Room (13 nos.) in Sikkim
399   Construction of Yatriniwas-cum-NEC Guest House
400   Construction/Improvement of Majuli Bongaon (Dakhinpat Satra) Road in Majuli District, Assam
401   Construction/Re-modeling of RCC building including development of Library, Vocational Centre etc. of Madhav Dev Higher Secondary School at Tulsimukh, Assam
402   Construction/Renovation of Tourism Infrastructural Development around Govindaji Temple, Imphal East, Manipur
403   Construction/Renovation of Tourism Infrastructure Development around Mahabali Temple, Imphal East, Manipur
404   Control Structure on both side of Noa-Dehing River to protect Namsai, Piyong and Lekang Circle, Namsai District, Arunachal Pradesh.
405   Controlling of Jidhal River in Dhemaji District in Assam , Ph-I
406   Contruction of Football Stadium at Jairampur under Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh
407   Conversion of 33kV pole structure to Lattice tower of the Ringmain Feeder at Kohima, Nagaland
408   Conversion of existing 11 KV Transmission line and 440V, L.T Distribution overhead lines including service connections to under ground cable system in congested areas at Pelling in West Sikkim.
409   Conversion of existing SPT Br. to RCC Br. No. 2/5 and 4/3 on Rongsai-Borjhora-Bajengdoba Road
410   Conversion of existing SPT Bridge to RCC Bridge No.1/1 on Dainadubi Damas and Damra Mendipathar Road
411   Conversion of existing SPT bridge to RCC Bridge No.3/2 on Darrangiri-Kharkutta Road
412   Conversion of existing/weak bridges on Rupa-Khalaktang Road, Arunachal
413   Conversion of Overhead HT & LT Overhead Lines into underground cable system with up-gradation of the existing distribution system at Ambedkar Road, Munshi colony, Bhojo Gharie & Sonam Gyatso Marg & Arithang Areas, Gangtok, Sikkim
414   Conversion of Timber Bridge on Orang Mazbat Rupa Road
415   Conversion of Timber Bridges on Amingaon-North Guwahati, Br- N0. 5/1
416   Conversion of Timber Bridges to BUG bridge at River Sonai on Agartala-Mohanpur-Chebri Road
417   Conversion of Timber Bridges to the Permanent RCC Bridges on Dhupdhara-Adokgiri Road (Br.No. 1/1, 1/2, 5/1, 5/2 and 10/1)
418   Conversion of Timber Bridges to the Permanent RCC Bridges on Dhupdhara-Adokgiri Road (Br.No. 10/2)
419   Creating necessary Infrastrucure for storage of water to meet the Emergency need of the State capital (Meghalaya)
420   Creation of Banbas Project Barsey Rhodendron Sanctuary at Hee Bermiok, West Sikkim
421   Creation of Botanical Garden cum Recreation Park at Jalukie, Nagaland
422   Creation of Tourist Picnic Facilities Centre at Tippi
423   Cultivation of Aloe Vera in Chhanchhuhna Khawpui in Darlawan RD Block, Mizoram
424   Cultivation of Boro Paddy in non traditional Area
425   Cultivation of cash crops with intercropping of Pineapple/banana garden at Sika-Bramin Tode, Rani, Magnang, 12-Mile, Sille and Oyan under Sille, Oyan circle of East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh
426   Cultivation of Citronella in Pongchau and Wakka circles Tirap District Arunachal Pradesh
427   Cultivation of Commercial Floriculture Crops, Rumtek, East Sikkim
428   Cultivation of grapes on commercial scale in cluster area at Hnahlan, Champhai District, Mizoram
429   Cultivation of Hi-Tech Banana in Nagaland
430   Cultivation of hi-tech orange garden at Logyi area of Karbak village of Kambang circle, West Siang District of A.P.
431   Cultivation of Hi-Tech Orange Garden at Lutak Area of Gensi Circle, West Siang District
432   Cultivation of High Yielding Paddy converting Mono cropping to Double cropping in Nagaland-1st Phase
433   Cultivation of High Yielding Paddy converting Mono cropping to Double cropping in Nagaland-2nd Phase(Dimapur,Mokokchung,Tuensang,Kiphise,Zunheboto
434   Cultivation of Kiwi Fruits in Arunachal Pradesh
435   Cultivation of kiwi fruits in Mizoram
436   Cultivation of Large Cardamom at Khakam, Longchan, Wakka and Pongchau under Longding District
437   Cultivation of large cardamom in various districts of Arunachal Pradesh
438   Cultivation of Mushroom at Chite, Mizoram
439   Cultivation of Orange cum Pineapple Garden at Kamrung Hotka of Pech Hoj village under Toru Circle of Papumpare District, Arunachal Pradesh
440   Cultivation of Orange Garden at Haider Village at Baririjo Circle of Upper Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
441   Cultivation of Orange Garden at Hina village of Chetam Circle, C.D. Block Giba Upper Subansiri District Arunachal Pradesh
442   Cultivation of Oranges and Large Cardamom Garden at Dumba in Tungte Village under Gangte circle of Kurung Kumey District , AP
443   Cultivation of Pineapple based mixed Horticlture gardening at the village Athiabari, Assam
444   Darlawn Water Supply Scheme(Augmentation in Mizoram
445   Decision Support System DSS for sustainable urban development of five selected towns of Arunachal Pradesh using Remote Sensing and GIS Arunachal Pradesh
446   Delineation of Urban Development Zones with special reference to Landslide Risk & Slope Stability of Aizawl City, Mizoram
447   Deori Tribal Cultural Complex, Narayonpur, Lakhimpur District, Upper Assam
448   Deori Tribal Cultural Complex, Narayonpur, Lakhimpur District, Upper Assam
449   Design, Supply, Erection, Testing, Commission of 2x3.5 MVA, 3.3/66 KV Switchyard cum Substation at Rongli HEP together with Construction of one 66 KV Line Bay from Rongli HEP
450   Design, Supply,Erection,Testing, Commissioning of 66KV Single Circuit trans.line from 3.3/66KV Sub.Stn. of Rongli-I HEP at Sisney inc.extension of line bay at 66/11KV Sungdung,Chujachen,Rongli East Sikkim
451   Destination North East - 2016 to be held from 12th to 14th February, 2016 at New Delhi
452   Development of Paddy-Cum-Pisciculture Scheme in 5(Five) Hill Districts of Manipur
453   Development & beautification of PTSO Lake in Tawang District
454   Development and Beautification of Thanghaphey lakes in Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh
455   Development of Adventure Tourism Centre and Camping Site at Baririjo, Upper Subansiri District Arunachal Pradesh
456   Development of Archery Complex at Lathagchan and Indoor Gymnasium for Boxing , Taekwondo, Karate, Wushu at Gangtok
457   Development of Ballonggre Songitcham in West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
458   Development of Chabou Fishery Project at Rio Colony, Dimapur
459   Development of commercial floriculture in Sikkim
460   Development of duncan park at Somsai, Ukhrul, Manipur
461   Development of Eco-friendly Tourist Complex at Tangu near Chopta Valley, Lachen, North Sikkim
462   Development of Eco-Tourism and Allied Activities at Chauridara Green Village in South Sikkim
463   Development of Eri culture for sustainable livelihood of Eri farmers in Dimapur Nagaland
464   Development of fish seed and table fish farm at ghowoto village, Dimapur, Nagaland
465   Development of Floriculture in Manipur
466   Development of fruits vegetable wholesale market at Pamohi Garchuk Kamrup, Phase-III, Assam
467   Development of fruits vegetable wholesale market at Pamohi Garchuk Kamrup, Phase-III, Assam
468   Development of Handloom Cluster in Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
469   Development of Health Information and Hospital Management System in Papumpare District, Arunachal Pradesh
470   Development of Heritage Tourism at Yangkhullen village, Senapati District, Manipur
471   Development of Human Resource Management System(Arunachal Pradesh)
472   Development of Human Resource Management System(Arunachal Pradesh)
473   Development of Hydroger, Nagaland
474   Development of IT Infrastructure Computerization and Networking for Planning & Co-ordination Department
475   Development of Lavi Lake in Niuland at Dimapur
476   Development of Music and Youth Activity Centre at Yasogei, Kohima, Nagaland
477   Development of Naga Nallah Drainage System in Manipur
478   Development of Omed Ni Jamdap at Rajasimla, North Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
479   Development of Orchid preservation centre at Khonghampat, Manipur
480   Development of Paddy cum Fish culture, Nagaland
481   Development of Park, Angling and Picnic Spot at Basar, West Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh
482   Development of Pfutsero Lake at Pfutsero in Phek District, Nagaland
483   Development of Playground with Earth Filling and Drainage system at Regional College for Physical Education(RCPE) Panisagar. Tripura
484   Development of School Information System in selected High/Higher Secondary Schools in Nagaland
485   Development of Science Education in Colleges under Higher Education in Tripura
486   Development of sericulture in Arunachal Pradesh
487   Development of Sungkotenem Lake at Mopungchuket in Mokukchung District, Nagaland
488   Development of the Socio-Economic status of Rural Tribal Women at Sidli Development Block of Kajal Gaon Sub Division, Chirang District, Assam
489   Development of Trekking and Base camp at Mt. Saramati, Thanamir Village, Kiphire District Nagaland
490   Development of Water Harvesting Pond for Augmentation of Irrigation in Nagaland
491   Development of Wayside Amenities at Tago Putu, Yazali, Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
492   Development of Work Sheds/Factory Sheds at Industrial Estate, Bishnupur, Manipur
493   Development of Work Sheds/Factory Sheds at Industrial Estate, Thoubal, Manipur
494   Development of Work Sheds/Factory Sheds at Takyelpat Industrial Estate in Imphal West District, Manipur
495   Developmental Planning and Application of Space Technology for Agro-Horticulture & Medicinal in Arunachal Pradesh
496   Dhankhunda Flow Irrigation Scheme in Assam
497   Dharmanagar-Tilthai-Damcherra
498   Digboi-Pengiri-Bordumsa-Mahadevpur (AP)
499   Digboi-Pengiri-Bordumsa-Mahadevpur (Assam)
500   Digital 3D Terrain Mapping and Modelling of Eight Districts of Mizoram using Geospatial Techniques Mizoram
501   Disaster Management System of Manipur(MARSAC)
502   Distribution of crossbreed Pregnant Heifer to the farmers implemented by Animal Resources Development Department, Govt. of Tripura
503   Diversion of 66KV Transmission Line from Tadong Sub-Station to ICAR compound in D/C 66 KV Tower for independent circuit for Phodong, North Sikkim
504   Documentation and Digitalization of Cultural Heritage of all Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh
505   Don Bosco Community Information Centre, Museum, Mawlai, Meghalaya
506   Double Cropping in Changlang, Lower Subansiri and Upper Subansiri Districts
507   Double Cropping in Manipur
508   Double Cropping in Manipur-Bishnupur,Thoubal,Imphal East & West,Chandel,Churachanpur,Senapati,Tamenglong,Ukhrul
509   Double Cropping in Mizoram
510   Double Cropping in Sikkim
511   DPR for Kangpokpi-Tamei Road
512   Dr. T. Ao Memorial Football Tournament at Guwahati, Assam during 2015
513   Dr. T.Ao. Memorial Football Tournament at Nagaland
514   Dr.T.Ao Memorial Football Tournament
515   Drinking Water Supply of Thinsa village, Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh
516   Duck-cum-Fish Culture for non-tribal people of the State of Tripura
517   East Lungdar Multi village Water Supply Scheme (Pumping), Serchhip District, Mizoram
518   Eco-Resort at Nongkhlaw, West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
519   Eco-Tourism Destination and Development of Trekking Route at Phusachodu Village, Phek District, Nagaland
520   Eco-Tourism Development in Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary
521   Eco-Tourism-cum-Botanical Garden and Orchid Culture at Jokai, Dibrugarh
522   Economic upliftment though innovative value added Handloom Weaving in Jorhat, Golaghat and Lakhimpur Districts, Assam
523   Electrification of 10 Tribal Villages(left out) of Tousem Sub-Division in Tamenglong, Manipur
524   Electrification of 12 Tribal villages(left out) of Nungba Sub-Division in Tamenglong District, Manipur
525   Electrification of Central Park along with Conversion of Existing Overhead L.T. Line into Underground Cable with System Improvement & Street Light and Around Namchi Bazar in SOuth Sikkim
526   Employable Skill Development, Assam
527   Enhancement of Capacity of the Tea Processing Factory, Govt. of Tripura
528   Establishment of 30 Bedded Hospital at Pareng under Sagalee Administrative Circle, Papumpare District
529   Establishment of 5 bedded ICU, high dependency unit, dialysis unit & neo-natal unit for upgradation of Woodland Nursing Home, Mokokchung
530   Establishment of 6 bedded ICUs each at Civil Hospital, Tura & Ganesh Das Hospital, Shillong
531   Establishment of a 50 bedded hospital at Mengio(Shakiang), Papumpare District, A.P.
532   Establishment of a 50 bedded hospital at Mon Town, District Mon
533   Establishment of a poultry breeding farm at ningthoukhong,Manipur
534   Establishment of a poultry breeding farm at ningthoukhong,Manipur
535   Establishment of Accident & Trauma Centre, Jowai
536   Establishment of Accident & Trauma Centre, Namchi, Sikkim
537   Establishment of Accident & Trauma Centre, Tura
538   Establishment of Accident and Trauma Centre at Along, Arunachal Pradesh
539   Establishment of Accident and Trauma Centre at Kulai, Dhalai District, Tripura
540   Establishment of Accident and Trauma Centre at Tripura
541   Establishment of Bee Keeping Uinit and Processing Units of Honey in various districts of Arunachal Pradesh
542   Establishment of Bio-Medical Waste Management Plant in 6 Dist.Hospitals in AP
543   Establishment of Biotechnology Training and Development Centre at Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh
544   Establishment of blood bank by Shija Health Care and Research Institute,Langol,Imphal,Manipur
545   Establishment of Breeder Seed Potato Farm, Mao, Manipur
546   Establishment of Broiler Duck Farm at R.K.Nagar, Tripura
547   Establishment of Cold Storage with Allied Marketing Facilities at Gosaigaon
548   Establishment of Cold Storage with Allied Marketing Facilities at Jorhat
549   Establishment of Community Mushroom Production and Cultivation Centre
550   Establishment of Digital Planetarium at Lunglei, Mizoram
551   Establishment of Enopen Tourist Resort at Khonoma, Kohima Nagaland
552   Establishment of Entrepreneurship Development Institute at Jote under Papum Pare District, Arunachal Pradesh
553   Establishment of Hi-Tech garden of Mandrin Orange, Guava and Large cardamom Garden under Tegiso, Naya Happa of Pech village in Papumpare District, Arunachal Pradesh
554   Establishment of Hospital Ships on the river Brahmaputra by CNES
555   Establishment of Integrated Horticulture Training Centre at Chite Aizawl
556   Establishment of Kiwi Garden at Dora Morey of Hija Village under Lower Subansiri District
557   Establishment of Lai Cultural Centre-cum-Auditorium at Lawngtlai, Mizoram
558   Establishment of Large cardamom garden at Nibi-Leba village under Nyobia circle of Kurung Kumey dist., Arunachal Pradesh
559   Establishment of large cardamom garden at Rissi village under Palin Circle of Kurung Kumey District
560   Establishment of Mini Honey Industrial Unit Apitherapy Cell Museum and Showroom at 6th Mile Dimapur Nagaland
561   Establishment of Model Floriculture Centre at Leingangching, Kamjong District, Sendra Bishnupur District and Panam Garden, Andro Imphal East District, Manipur
562   Establishment of Modern Burn Care Centre at NEMCARE Hospital, Guwahati
563   Establishment of NEC Cell in Planning Department, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
564   Establishment of orange and cardamom garden at Chesing Rijo (Magria) village
565   Establishment of orange and cardamom garden at Chesing Rijo (Magria) village
566   Establishment of Orange Garden at Mecha Marde Village, Dumporiji Circle, Upper Subansiri District
567   Establishment of Orange Garden at Mubi Yor, New Bulo under Gausar Circle, Upper Subansiri District
568   Establishment of Orange Garden at Rantiwa of Mebua-III Village, Seppa Circle of East Kameng District
569   Establishment of Orange/Large Cardamon Horticulture Garden at Rikung Village under Chetam Circle of Upper Subansiri Dist. Arunachal Pradesh
570   Establishment of Poultry breeding farm-cum-hatchery with 3000 layers parent stock and 2000 broilers parent stock at phulbari, West garo Hills district, Meghalaya
571   Establishment of Poultry, Goatery, Piggery, Dairy, Fisheries as a single component for the Community at Mai village, Lower Subansiri district, Arunachal Pradesh
572   Establishment of Regional Fishery Estates at Khullakpat, Fishery No.123, Manipur
573   Establishment of regional training centre for commercial cash crop cultivation at Umsning
574   Establishment of Rootstock Bank for Grapes at Mualkawi Village, Champai district and Scion Bank and Rootstock Bank for Citrus at Maudarh, Lunglei district, Mizoram
575   Establishment of Rural collection centre for Fruits and Vegetables
576   Establishment of Rural collection centre for Fruits and Vegetables
577   Establishment of Rural Information Kiosks in 300 villages in the state of Mizoram
578   Establishment of Shija Regional Oxygen Plant and Generation Unit at Langol, Imphal
579   Establishment of Shija Regional Oxygen Plant and Generation Unit at Langol, Imphal
580   Establishment of State Medical Library at Civil Hospital, Aizawl
581   Establishment of State of the Art of Sericulture of Tripura
582   Establishment of State Soil Testing Laboratory Buildings and Equipments at Kohima
583   Establishment of trout breeding farm at Yakthang, Jyajuk under Lachen Block, North Sikkim
584   Establisment of a Livelihood Enhancement Centre at Kohima, Nagaland
585   Expansion of Dragon fruit farming at Shitovi village, Dimapur, Nagaland
586   Extension and Modernisation Galleries of J.N. State Museum, Itanagar, AP
588   Extension of Gangtok Sewerage Scheme
589   Extension of one 66 KV Bay at 66/11 KV Switchyard at Gyalshing and construction of 66/11 KV, 1x5 MVA Substation at Sardung (Yangthang) in West Sikkim
590   Farm Mechanisation, Sikkim
591   Fatikroy-Kailashahar-Dharmanagar-Chandkhira (Tripura)
592   Fatikroy-Kailashahar-Kukital-Chandkira (Assam)
593   Festival of Myoko 2010-2011 at Ziro to be held from 20th March 2011
594   Financial assistance to Nurturing young Excellence in sports at Arunachal Pradesh for conducting talent search for 8-16 years of age in various places and the Women football coaching camp at Itanagar.
595   Financial assistance to Nurturing young Excellence in Sports-Mizoram
596   Financial Assistance towards Automation Of Manual Inner Line Permit System in Arunachal Pradesh
597   Financial assistance towards participation in the National Football League 2009-10 by Shillong Lajong Football Club
598   Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses Assam 2019
599   Financial Support to the students of NER for Higher Professional Courses, Assam 2019-20
600   Financial Support to the students of NER for Higher Professional Courses, Tripura for FY 2020-21
601   Financial Support to the Students of NER for Higher professional Studies- Meghalaya
602   Financial Support to the Students of NER for Higher professional Studies- Meghalaya 2018
603   Financial Support to the Students of NER for Higher professional Studies- Nagaland
604   Financial Support to the Students of NER for Higher professional Studies- Nagaland 2018
605   Financial Support to the Students of NER for Higher professional Studies-Manipur
606   Financial Support to the students of North Eastern Region (Nagaland) for Higher Professional Courses 2019-20 (Renewal Cases)
607   Financial Support to the students of North Eastern Region for Higher professional courses
608   Financial Support to the students of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses 2019-20 Sikkim
609   Financial Support to the students of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses Arunachal Pradesh 2019-20
610   Financial Support to the Students of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses for 2018-19 and 2019-20, Tripura
611   Financial Support to the students of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses Meghalaya
612   Financial Support to the students of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses Mizoram 2019-20
613   Financial Support to the Students of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses, Manipur 2019
614   Financial Support to the students of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses, Meghalaya (Renewal 2019-20) for FY 2020-21
615   Fish cum paddy cultivation at Choba-I area and Taleha area in Kra-Daadi district, Arunachal Pradesh
616   Fish Seed and Table Fish Production farm at Chumukedima
617   Fishery project at Lamhai Dunki village, Peren district, Nagaland
618   Fishery project at Molongyimsen, Mokokchung district, Nagaland
619   Flood Control & Irrigation of potential agriculture areas of Ngopa, Mizoram
620   Flood Control measures at Patsing, Bomjir under Dambuk Sub-Division, Lower Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh
621   Flood control schemes of Leilambui stream
622   Flood Control work at Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh
623   Flood protection work at Dirang Township, AP
624   Gilabwr - Flow Irrigation Scheme(FIS) in Assam
625   Handloom Trade Centre at Dibrugarh, Assam
626   Harmoti-Doimukh Road
627   Hayli integrated Agriculture and Allied development , Nagaland
628   Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis for Eight District Headquarters of Mizoram using Remote Sensing and GIS
629   Hazo-Nalbari-Sarthebari
630   Heritage Protection in Hill and Plain Districts of Manipur
631   High Security video conferencing LAN Chief Ministers Secretariat Nagaland
632   Hill Road Alignment By Satellite Image, Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques, Scientific study and Technological Intervention in the HIll Road construction to improve the life of hill roads and construction of demo Roas
633   Hill Terrace Construction at Degraded Jhum Land under Mara Autonomous District Council in Mizoram
634   Holding of International Polo Tournament to be held at Imphal from 24th Nov to 29 Nov 2012
635   Holiday IQ Campaign 2016
636   Hornbill Festival - 2014
637   Hornbill Festival - 2018
638   Hornbill Festival-2013
639   Horticulture development at Nokrek region, East Garo Hills, Meghalaya
640   Horticulture development at Nokrek region, East Garo Hills, Meghalaya
641   Hosting of Dr.T. Ao Memorial Football Tournament at Imphal
642   Hosting of Dr.T. Ao Memorial Football Tournament at Sikkim
643   Hosting of Junior National Badminton Championship(Boys and Girls under 17 and 19 years) at Imphal during November, 10th-19th, 2012
644   Hosting the South Asian Federation Junior Table Tennis Championship 2012 at Shillong, Meghalaya
645   I.T. System for Water Supply Management (Sikkim)
646   Ideal fish and fish seed production farm and multipurpose development project at Ishamati village
647   Implementation of Community based Plantation of Large Cardamom, Walnut, William Pears, Ginger and Chilly at Lazu and Dadam Circle under Tirap Dist., Arunachal Pradesh
648   Implementation of Handloom for Employment Generation in Tamenglong District, Manipur
649   Impr. of (i) Teliamura-Amarpur-Jatanbari road (68 Km) (ii) Khowai-Behalbari-Kamalpur-Maracherra road (34 Kms)
650   Impr. of road Koirengei to Sangakpham via Achangbigei, Kontha Khabam and Ahallup village
651   Improvement & Renovation including re-alignment of existing 33 KV line from Pasighat to Mebo and Construction of Tower over river Siang & Siku.
652   Improvement and Augmentation of Water Supply at Swamy Camp Township Hayuliang Circle of Anjaw District, AP
653   Improvement and Up-gradation of SAN-KER, Shillong, Meghalaya
654   Improvement of 33kV Sub-Station at Ngopa with associated lines, Mizoram
655   Improvement of and Upgradation of Water-Supply Scheme for Churachandpur Town, Zone-III
656   Improvement of Bishalgarh-Boxanagar-Sonamura-Barpathari-Belonia Road (83 Kms)
657   Improvement of Bishnupur-Nungba Road in Manipur
658   Improvement of general Ground with Gallery at Taliha under upper Subansari District
659   Improvement of Kowaifung to Ailmara Road
660   Improvement of Mandarin Orange Orchards at Leng Village, Serchhip district, Mizoram
661   Improvement of Marngar Lake
662   Improvement of Minor Irrigation Channel and Construction of FC Works. Supyu, Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
663   Improvement of Mokokchung(NH-155), NH-202 Junction to Aghunato via Longsa-Suruhoto Road in Nagaland
664   Improvement of Power supply in Dadenggre area by construction of new 33kV S/C line from Rongkhon to Dadenggre and strengthening of the 11kV and LT network under West Garo Hills (D) Division, Meghalaya
665   Improvement of Power Supply in Mengio Circle under Sagalee Administration Block, Papumpare District, Arunachal Pradesh
666   Improvement of Reshi-Legship to Bermick Road
667   Improvement of road from Bordumsa to Borkhet (11.50 Km)
668   Improvement of road from Mualdak to Kolhen diversion road via Munlui (12.00 Km)
669   Improvement of road from NH-150/NH-202 (New) to Chadong (Near maphou Dam) via Muirei, Ngaramphung & Lamlai Khuou, Manipur
670   Indra Dhanush/Rainbow Festival/Mureng Festival (Arunachal Pradesh Spring Carnival) at Pasighat
671   Infrastracture Development at Mayangnokcha Govt. Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung, Nagaland
672   Infrastracture Development at Tharpu Senior Secondary School
673   Infrastracture Development of Government Secondary School at Parsi Parlo under Parsi Parlo circle in Kurung Kumey District, Arunachal Pradesh
674   Infrastracture Development of ITI, Yupia, Papum pare District, Arunachal Pradesh
675   Infrastracture Development of Model School at Paying Circle HQ, Arunachal Pradesh
676   Infrastructure Development at Kohima Orphanage Home
677   Infrastructure Development for pilgrimage Destination at Molungyimsen, Mokukchung District, Nagaland
678   Infrastructure Development for Preservation of Panam Ningthou Immortal Fire and Different Historical Monumants in and around Andro, Imphal East
679   Infrastructure Development for Strengthening of Veterinary Institution at Boomtar,Namchi,South Sikkim
680   Infrastructure Development for Strengthening of Veterinary Institution at Boomtar,Namchi,South Sikkim
681   Infrastructure Development for Strengthening of Extension and Training Cell for Development of Livestock Sector in Sikkim
682   Infrastructure Development for Tourism at Tippi under Bhalukpong Circle, West Kameng
683   Infrastructure development for upgradation of Govt.GNM School to College of Nursing,Lamphelpat,Imphal,Manipur
684   Infrastructure development of 50 bedded hospital (Phase II) at Palin, Kurung Kumey District, AP
685   Infrastructure development of academic facilities at Down Town College of Allied Health Sciences
686   Infrastructure Development of Bagnibar Nilamoni Phukan Higher Secondary School Dibrugarh, Victoria Girls Higher Secondary School and A.R.T High School at Margherita, Assam
687   Infrastructure Development of existing Industrial Estates at Shillong and Tura
688   Infrastructure Development of Girls School at Katang under Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh
689   Infrastructure Development of Government Higher Secondary School at Lumla in Tawang
690   Infrastructure Development of Government Residential School at Totpu under Sagalee Sub-Division, Papum Pare District
691   Infrastructure Development of Government Secondary School and ME School under Tali Circle, Kurung Kumey District, AP
692   Infrastructure Development of Green Park at State Horticulture Nursery (SHN) Dimapur, Nagaland
693   Infrastructure Development of Industrial Training Institute(ITI) Tabarijo, Arunachal Pradesh
694   Infrastructure Development of ITI Tabarijo, A.P.
695   Infrastructure Development of Kamalpur English Medium HS School, Kamalpur, Dhalai District, Tripura
696   Infrastructure development of Leel Middle School, Sangram, A.P.
697   Infrastructure Development of ME School, Longding, Arunachal Pradesh
698   Infrastructure Development of Sagalee CHC, Papumpare Districts, Arunachal Pradesh
699   Infrastructure Development of School Building for 20 seated Boys & Girls Hostel & Boundary Wall under Basar Circle for Nyodu, Sago M.E. School, Bam Secondary School.GHSS Tirbin,Deke Degom, Raki Doke & Daring Secondary School(phase-I),
700   Infrastructure Development of Tourism in Nagaland
701   Infrastructure Development of Tourist Destination at Shanthei Natural Park, Andro, Imphal East District, Manipur
702   Infrastructure Development of VKV Kuporijo, Arunachal Pradesh
703   Installation and Commissioning of Communication Network and Remote Terminal Unit at 132KV Sub-Station for Supervisory control and Data Acquisition of MeECL, Meghalaya
704   Installation of 132 KV Sub-station at Kongba, Manipur
705   Installation of 1X10 KW each capacity-wind-solar Hybrid syatems for 1)Lamdan Village 2)Hongbei Village, Ukhrul Dist, 3)Lamdangmei Village, Tamenglong Dist, 4)Dolangkhunou Village, Senapati Dist. in Manipur.
706   Installation of 220/132Kv, 1x100 MVA Auto Transformer at Agia Substation(Assam) for Meghalaya
707   Installation of 25kWp SPV Power Plant at tribal Market Complex, New Lambulance Manipur
708   Installation of 2X 20 MVA, 132 kV Sub-Station along with associated 132kV LILO lines and related works at Thoubal, Manipur
709   Installation of 2X5 MVA 33/11 KV Sub-Station along with the associated line and related works at Power House site of LDS HE Project, Manipur
710   Installation of 2X5 MVA, 33 KV Sub-Station along with the associated 33kV LILO line and related works at Mayangkhang, Senapati District, Manipur
711   Installation of 2X5 MVA, 33 KV Sub-Station along with the associated 33kV line and related works at Mao, Senapati District, Manipur
712   Installation of 2x5MVA, 33kV Substation Associated with 132 kV Substation at Chandel, Manipur
713   Installation of 6680sq m of Solar thermal (Solar Water Heaters) Collector area at various institutions, hospitals and individual household, Manipur
714   Installation of 70KW-7 Systems wind solar hybrid systems of 10KW(5W+5SPV) each for Regional Potato Farm, Mao,Tadubi Village,Sangkumal Village,Tenggnoupal,Assam Rifles Camp,Phungyar Village
715   Installation of capacitor Bank at 33KV Umtru Switchyard & 132 KV EPIP-I at Byrnihat, Meghalaya.
716   Installation of CCTV Cameras & Infrastructure Development of various Entry Check Gate of Tax and Excise Department in Arunachal Pradesh
717   Installation of Floodlight System at J.N. Sports Complex, Polo Ground, Shillong
718   Installation of Modern Equipments at all Government Colleges, Nagaland
719   Installation of Solar Power plant 25kWp(each) Standalone SPV Power Plant(s) at the Office(s) of Deputy Commissioners of Manipur
720   Institute of Hotel Management and Catering at Dimapur, Nagaland Phase - II
721   Integrated Agri.-Horti. Development through Plantation on Cluster Basis in Nagaland
722   Integrated approach for enhancing ecosystem services of Nungkot Sarbei Machengpat at Andro, Imphal East, Manipur
723   Integrated Community Large Cardamom & Orange Plantation in Jhum Land at Restaring, Korapu, Tarak Langdi & Galang Putung villages
724   Integrated Community Large Cardamom & Orange Plantation in Jhum Land at Restaring, Korapu, Tarak Langdi and Galang Putung villages under Tarak Circle of Kurung Kumey District
725   Integrated Development of Community Sericulture Garden at Solungyar Village, by Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
726   Integrated Development of Bamboo Handicrafts Cluster in Tripura
727   Integrated Development of Incense Cluster in Tripura
728   Integrated Horticulture development in Ambam Area Under Lower Subansiri
729   Integrated Nzu valleyIrrigation project at Phenshunyu Village, Kohima District, Nagaland.
730   Integrated Poultry Farming and Hatchery Unit at Kumrek near Rongpo,
731   Integrated programme for water impounding and creation of water body for recharging catchment areas, restoring depleting water table and improving river hydrology at Belbari village across Wanangjhora stream, South West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya.
732   Integrated programme for water impounding and creation of water body for recharging catchment areas, restoring depleting water table and improving river hydrology at Chandragre village across Ringre stream, West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya.
733   Integrated programme for water impounding and creation of water body for recharging catchment areas, restoring depleting water table and improving river hydrology at Chondon Nokat village across Chondon stream, South West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
734   Integrated programme for water impounding and creation of water body for recharging catchment areas, restoring depleting water table and improving river hydrology at Matkolgre village across Sona stream, South West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
735   Integrated project for Muga Development in Meghalaya
736   Integrated Tourism Project in Englan Range, Wokha, Nagaland
737   Integration of new sub-stations _ generation stations under North District with existing Central Load Despatch Centre with facility for Energy Auditing
738   Inter State Bus Terminus at Mawlai-Mawiong, Meghalaya
739   Inter State Truck Terminus at Kohima, Nagaland
740   Interconnection of 11 KV Development Area Sub-Station with 11/11 KV TNA Sub-Station as part of Ring Main Network, Gangtok
741   International Conference on Look (Act) East Policy and North East India" on 25th & 26th September, 2015 at Guwahati
742   Interstate Bus Terminus at Dewlahland, Imphal
743   Irrigation cum Management Works at Umtrew Umkta Village
744   Irrigation cum Management Works at Umtrew Umkta Village, Ribhoi District, Meghalaya
745   ISBT Aizawl
746   ISBT Chandrapur
747   ISBT Jorhat
748   ISBT Kohima
749   ISBT Mokokchung
750   ISTT Guwahati
751   ISTT Jirania
752   IT Education Infrastructure at 100 Schools in 11 Districts of Meghalaya
753   IT Infrastructure Development in Schools of Arunachal Pradesh.
754   Jhora Training and Anti Erosion work outside the Defined Boundary of Namchi, South Sikkim
755   Jotte-Balijan (Assam)
756   Jowai-Nartiang-Khanduli-Baithalangso(Assam)
757   Jowai-Nartiang-Khanduli-Baithalangso(Meghalaya)
758   Kaluk Rinchenpong Water Supply Scheme
759   Kangpokpi-Tamei
760   Keitum-Artahkawn
761   Kejha Fish Production Farm Project at Metha Colony, Signal Village Dimapur, Nagaland
762   Khedacherra-Damcherra-Zamuang-Kwarthah-Tuilutkawn Road
763   Kimbubotey-Sokpey
764   Krishnai-Medhipathar conversion of SPT to RCC Brs. No. 9/2, 11/2 & 13/2
765   Krishnai-Mendipathar Conversion of SPT Brs. to RCC Brs. No. 3/4, 4/4, 8/3, 8/4 and 11/1
766   LachenBazar Water Supply Scheme
767   Laimekuri-Nari-Telem-Rimi (AP)
768   Laimekuri-Nari-Telem-Rimi (Assam)
769   Lakroh Mini Hydel project (1X1500 KW), Jaintia Hills Dist, Meghalaya.
770   Land protection work at Govt. primary school, Papumpare District, AP
771   Lanka-Garampani
772   Large Cardamom cultivation at Pitam area of Sindak village under Siyum cicle, Upper Subansiri district, Arunachal Pradesh
773   Legship-Kewzing road to Tingmoo Village
774   Lemon Cultivation for Enhancing better Livelihood and Nutrition Security in Meghalaya
775   Lengpui Town and Lengpui Airport Water Supply Scheme (Pumping) in Mizoram
776   Livelihood Generation and Value Addition Chain in Piggery Sector based on District Composite Livestock Farm, Nalichera under Dhalai District, Tripura
777   Longding-Nokjan Road (Arunachal Pradesh)
778   Longding-Nokjan Road (Nagaland)
779   LT Overhead lines with Aerial Bunched Cables for Aizawl (10 Km).
780   Lungnit Small Hydel project stage-I (2X 1.50 MW), Assam.
781   Lyuva Khutla Festival 2019
782   Lyuva Khutla Festival at Saiha and Tipa V within Mara Autonomous District Council
783   Lyyuva Khutla Festival 2015
784   Mairang Ranigodown-Azra Road(Assam)
785   Mairang-Ranigodown-Azra Road(Meghalaya)
786   Mamit-Bhairabi
787   Manipur -Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
788   Manipur Sangai Festival - 2014
789   Manipur Sangai Festival - 2018
790   Manipur Sangai Festival-2013
791   Manipur Sangai Festival-2015
792   Mankachar-Mahendraganj Road (Assam)
793   Mankachar-Mahendraganj Road (Megh)
794   Mankachar-Mahendraganj-Purkasia road (Bridge No. 22/2)
795   Mapping & Monitoring of Shifting Cultivation areas in Arunachal Pradesh for sustainable Development using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques
796   Mapping & Monitoring of Shifting Cultivation areas in Arunachal Pradesh for Sustainable Development using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
797   Mapping of Mineralized Zones & Development of Mines Lease (including Reconnaissance Permit License) Information System in Arunachal Pradesh
798   Marchak-Tumlabong
799   Margherita-Changlang (AP)
800   Margherita-Changlang (Assam)
801   Marketing of Ginger by NERAMAC, Guwahati in the state of Arunachal Pradesh
802   Marketing of Ginger by NERAMAC, Guwahati in the state of Arunachal Pradesh
803   Marketing support to Horticultural produces in Nagaland
804   Marketing Support to Horticultural Produces in Nagaland
805   Mawshbuit Combined Water Supply Project Phase-I, East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
806   Medziphema-Jalukie-Athebong
807   Meghalaya - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
808   Meghalaya-Survey & Investigation of Jowai-Khanduli-Baithalangsu road
809   Mizoram - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
810   Mizoram - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
811   Mizoram - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses 2018
812   Mizoram - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses 2018-19
813   Mizoram Infrastructure Information & Monitoring System
814   Mizoram Music Festival - 2018
815   Mizoram Music Festival 2017
816   Model Horticulture Centre at three locations: Ngarumphung, Tupul and Haipi, Manipur
817   Modern Equipments (IT Infrastructure) at all customary court in all 11 districts of Nagaland
818   Modernization and Expansion of Temi Tea Estate, South Sikkim
819   Modernization and Extension of Langparpan Minor irrigation Scheme in Assam
820   Modernization and Strengthening of Regional Exotic Pig Breeding Farm Nalkata Tripura
821   Modernization of Assam Flying Club Ltd.
822   Modernization of Department of Legal Metrology and Consumer Protection
823   Monolith Festival 2016
824   Monolith Festival, 2013
825   Mottum-Tinali to Maktumghat
826   Mount Everest Expedition for the North Eastern States
827   Myntdu-Leska H.E Project of 60 MW
828   Na Ali
829   Nagaland - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
830   Nagaland-NEC Dr. T Ao Memorial Football Tournament
831   Naharkatia-Khonsa (Assam)
832   New 132/33 kV,2x20 MVA s/s at Itanagar including 132 kV line 20kM
833   Nidaya to Radhanagar road in Tripura
834   Nongkrem dance - 2016
835   Nongstoin-Rambrai-Kyrshai-Chaygoan Road
836   North East Trade Expo-2005 held at New Delhi-Manipur
837   North East Trade Expo-2005 held at New Delhi-Mizoram
838   North East Trade Expo-2005 held at New Delhi-Sikkim
839   North East Trade Expo-2005 held at New Delhi-Tripura
840   North East Trade Expo-2006 held at New Delhi-Manipur
841   North East Trade Expo-2006 held at New Delhi-Mizoram
842   North East Trade Expo-2006 held at New Delhi-Sikkim
843   North East Trade Expo-2006 held at New Delhi-Tripura
844   Off Grid solar power plants with an aggregate capacity of 855 KWP at Government Departments Office building in Nagaland.
845   Orchid Lake Resort Development, Umiam, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya
846   Organic Citrus Farm in Dimoria
847   Organic Cultivation of Kiwi and Large Cardamom at Ziro, Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
848   Organisation of the 10th Mini Boys & 25th sub-Junior Girls National Handball Championship at Imphal
849   Organising 10th State Level Orange Festival & Craft Exhibition at Tamenglong District HQ, Manipur
850   Organising an Exhibition on Fading Crafts of the North East India and the Importance of Music in the Crafts Tradition
851   Organising NEC Dr.T. Ao Memorial Football Tournament at Meghalaya
852   Organising NEC Dr.T. Ao Memorial Football Tournament at Mizoram
853   Organising the 5th North East Fide Rating Chess Tournament, 2012
854   Organising the Angling/Fishing Festival in Arunachal Pradesh
855   Organising Zo-Fest for Zo Ethnic Groups of North East India
856   organizing 11th state level orange festival and craft exhibition at Tamenglong Dist. Hq. Manipur
857   Organizing Budha Mahotsava in West Kameng District, Bomdilla, Arunachal Pradesh
858   Organizing of International Tourism Mart (ITM) - 2018
859   Organizing Shirui Lily Festival, 2017
860   Organizing the 10th International Polo Tournament 2016
861   Organizing the 9th International Polo Tournament 2015
862   Pakke-Seijosa-Itakhola (Assam)
863   Pakke-Seijosa-Itakhola (Arunachal Pradesh)
864   Pakyong water Supply Scheme
865   Pandit-Hemchandra-Goswamipath
866   Paragliding Accuracy Cup and Grand Festival - 2020
867   Paryatan Parv - 2018 Mizoram
868   Paryatan Parv - 2018 Tripura
869   Passighat-Koyu-Ego
870   Phuaibuang Pumping WSS, Mizoram
871   Piggery Infrastructures Feed and Fodder Development in Nagaland
872   Pilot Project for Development of Horticulture and Floriculture in BTC area, Assam
873   Planning Resource Center Open Data Center DPER and NECAD
874   Plantation of black pepper at Sairum, Silphir, Mizoram
875   Plantation of Lime(Citrus aurantifolia) for Sustainable Agriculture Production, Nagaland
876   Popularisation and propogation of freshwater prawn culture practices
877   Preparation of Project Profiles for Tourism Infrastructure Development in the Bodoland Territorial Council Areas
878   Preparatory Equipments under Management of Natural Calamities for the State of Nagaland
879   Procurement of Advanced Medical Devices and Equipment at Sky Hospital and Research Centre, Imphal, Manipur
880   Procurement of Dental Chairs Instruments and Equipment for 2 District Hospitals at East District (Singtam) and South District (Namchi), Sikkim
881   Procurement of Dental Chairs, Equipements and Dental Lab. Facilities at STNM Hospital, Gangtok, District Hospitals and PHCs in Sikkim
882   Procurement of MRI Machine in the Faith Hospital
883   Procurement, erection, testing and commissioning of 20 MVA 132/66 KV power transformer for 132/66 KV Sub-tation at Kyongsa, Gyalshing, West Sikkim i/c electrification of the Chenrezig Shingkham Riwa Potala at Sangha Choeling, Pelling in West Sikkim
884   Production and Training Centre for Soft Toys at Gangtok, Sikkim
885   Project Proposal for Stadium Flood Lighting at Paljor Stadium and Installation of Electronic Led Score Board at Gangtok
886   Project Proposal for tensile Roofing and Stadium Chairs (Phasel) Cricket Stadium Luwangsangbam, Imphal East, Manipur
887   Promotion and Development of Cash Crop in Arunachal Pradesh
888   Promotion and Development of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Nagaland
889   Promotion of an environmentally sound approach for sustainable water management
890   Promotion of Intensive Fish Culture Technology with Pabda for sustainable production and livelihood security for rural farmers
891   Promotion of Organic Food Production in Nagaland
892   Proposal for financial assistance for organizing the Luira Planit (Seed Sowing Festival) at Ukhrul District Headquater Manipur
893   Proposal for Setting up of Emergency and Trauma Care Unit at Jivan Hospital, Kakching, Thoubal District, Manipur
894   Protection of Raimona village and its adjoining area from erosion of Janali River
895   Protection Preservation and Infrastructure Development of Archeological Museum and Monument, Malinithan, West Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh
896   Protection/Preservation of Archeological Park at Itafort(Southern Gate) Itanagar,Arunachal Pradesh
897   Providing Distribution Reservoir and Distribution main trunk lines for Water supply to Namchi Town in South Sikkim
898   Providing double seater desk and bench to various schools in Sikkim
899   Providing of Water Supply at JNV Roing, Lower Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh.
900   Providing of Water Supply to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Jalukie, Peren District, Nagaland.
901   Providing show Case/Galleries, Lightning etc in the new Building of Williamson Sangma State Museum, Shillong
902   Providing Water Supply to Akuk Old Village by Pumping in Wokha, Nagaland
903   Providing Water Supply to Kejanglwa village, Peren District, Nagaland
904   Providing WSS and Sewage/ Drainage system to Jamiri Circle Hq and Adjoining Village, Arunachal Pradesh
905   Providing WSS at Ragle Hamlet Paktung, Govt. Middle School and Health Sub centre, Arunachal Pradesh.
906   Publicity and Promotion of Tourism products of Arunachal Pradesh with an innovative approach integrating advertisement through Print & Electronic Media, Outdoor Media, Organization of Events and facelift of few select tourist destinations
907   Publicity and promotion of Tourism products of Assam with innovative approach integrating advertisement through print and electronic media, outdoor media, organization of events and face lift of few selected tourist destinations
908   Pukhungri-Avanku-Layshi
909   Purchase of CT Scan Machine at Civil Hospital, Lunglei, Mizoram
910   Quality improvement of rural water supply schemes in Tripura by way of construction of 10000 GPH capacity ground water treatment plant (GWTP) attached to existing deep tube wells, Tripura
911   Rain Rock Sohra Festival 2010
912   Rain Water Harvesting project at Pughoboto, Ghatashe and Asukiqa area under Pughoboto Sub-Division, Kohima District, Nagaland
913   Rain Water Harvesting Project at Riphyim Village Wokha in Nagaland
914   Ralang-Phamtam
915   Ram Enghee Minor Irrigation Scheme in Karbi Anglong, Assam
916   Rampur-Belsor-Bihampur
917   Reclamation and Renovation of old Ponds and Tank in Nagaland
918   Regional and State Requirement of Fire and Emergency Services Phase Wise at Nagaland
919   Regional Dental College
920   Regional Nursing College, Guwahati
921   Rejuvenation & Development of Orange Plantation
922   Remodeling & Conversion of existing Overhead LT line into Underground cable system of all Electrical Network in and around Rabong, South Sikkim
923   Remodelling & Augmentation of HT & LT Power supply & Distribution System at Pakyong Bazar in East Sikkim.
924   Remote Sensing and GIS based identification of Hazardous Industries and Development of Emergency Planning and Response System, AP
925   Renovation & Modernization of the protection System of Power Stations and 132 KV Grid Substations of MeSEB
926   Renovation and Modernisation of 132 Kv Substation at Bukpui, Serchhip, Mizoram
927   Renovation and Modernisation of 132/33 kV Sub-station at Yurembam in Manipur
928   Renovation and upgradation of tourist lodge at Dimapur
929   Renovation of Auditorium and Classrooms of Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy Imphal, Manipur
930   Renovation of Panthoibi(Govt. of Manipur) Emporium at New Delhi
931   Renovation of Tourist Lodges at Baghmara, Williamnagar and Siju in Meghalaya
932   Renovation,Improvement & Strengthening of 66KV switch yard & Construction of 1X7.5MVA 66/11KV substation at Lower Lagyap Hydel Project, Ranipool, Sikkim
933   Repair and Maintenance of Kohima-Laike Road
934   Replacement of Makha suspension bridge over river Tista at Tanak on Makha-Lingi-Yangang-Ravangla road
935   Replacement of Ringyang suspension bridge on Samboria-Soreng
936   Replacement of Suspension Bridge with 102 M Span Steel Bridge over Rabi Khola River at 9th Km on Melliphong Road
937   Revised Estimate for Irang HE Project
938   Revival of Bamboo Sticks Cluster at Kumarghat, Tripura
939   Revival of Progeny Orchard-cum-Nurseries(Maram, Gelzang, Thawai, Mahadev and Jiribam) in Manipur
940   River Training work at Sinotar Jemi Constituency, Phase-I Sikkim.
941   River Training works along Rani Khola below Adampool Rumtek
942   Rongali Festival 2018
944   Rubber Based Settlement Project village and Strategic Development initiative in Lai Autonomous districts Council, Mizoram
945   Rubber Plantation in Nagaland
946   Rural Eco Tourism Circuit in Garo Hills (East Garo Hills, West Garo Hills and South West Garo Hills), Meghalaya
947   Rural Water Supply Scheme Laphok Tamenglong, Manipur
948   Rutsa Multi-Purpose Irrigation Project, Kohima, Nagaland
949   Rutsa multipurpose irrigation project, Kohima district, Nagaland
950   Rymbai-Bataw-Borsora-Jalalpur (Assam)
951   Rymbai-Bataw-Borsora-Jalalpur(Megh)
952   S&I of Upper Khri Diversion Project, Stage-I & II in Meghalaya
953   Saitual-Phullen
954   Saitual-Saichal-NE Bualpui
955   Samboria-Hilley
956   Sangai Festival 2017
957   Sangau W.S.S. (Pumping) Phase-I
958   Sangau Water Supply Scheme (Pumping) Phase-II in Mizoram
959   Sangau Water Supply Scheme (Pumping) Phase-II in Mizoram
960   Sangkhola-Sumin Road
961   Sangkhola-Sumin Road
962   Sangkhola-Zingla Road
963   Sangkhola-Zingla-Martam Road
964   Sankalang Bey Sakyang to Tingvong High School Road
965   Saphekati-Pithakuti
966   Seppa-Chyangtajo Road
967   Sericulture Project in the State of Nagaland
968   Setting up of 1000 MT Capacity Multipurpose Cold Storage at Amarpur, Tripura
969   Setting up of 1000 MT Capacity Multipurpose Cold Storage at Khowai, Tripura
970   Setting up of 2 State Pig Breeding Farms at Medziphema and Jalukie
971   Setting up of 50 seats Digital Planetarium at Manipur Science Centre
972   Setting up of 7 New Agri Development Research Centre with IT facilities in Karbook, Ompi, Killa, Kakraban, Satchand, Jampuijala and Kadamtala, Tripura
973   Setting up of a Bamboo Technology Park at Sairang, Mizoram
974   Setting up of a Cold Storage Unit at Dimapur, Nagaland (5000 M.T)
975   Setting up of a Common Facility Centre for Gold and Assamese Traditional Jewellery, Assam
976   Setting up of a factory of Commercial Utilisation Rubber wood and Production of Laminated Rubber Wood.
977   Setting up of a Hand Made Paper Unit at Melli, South Sikkim
978   Setting up of a Heritage Handicraft Museum at Namchi, South Sikkim
979   Setting up of a project for Livelihood Development Through a Pilot Bamboo Enterprises for Rehabilitation of Surrendered Militants
980   Setting up of a Ramie Rhizome Fibre Processing Plant
981   Setting up of a Seed Testing Laboratory in Meghalaya
982   Setting up of Digital Planetarium in Shillong Science Centre
983   Setting up of Fish Seeds Hatchery -cum-fish farming at Darlak , Mamit Dist.
984   Setting up of Model Dairy Farm in Nagaland
985   Setting up of Multi-Media cum Convention Centre at Dimapur
986   Setting up of Noiroi Mini Hydro Electric Project Stage-I & Stage-II(4X75KW-2 units each) in Paren District, Nagaland
987   Setting up of North East Regional Multi-Disciplinary Paramedical Institute at Dimapur, Nagaland
988   Setting up of One Regional Boiler Testing Laboratory
989   Sewage Canal-cum-Check dam at Kanan-Dawrpui Vengthar, Aizawl, Mizoram
990   Sherkhan-Bhagabazar Road
991   Shillong Cricket Association Platinum Jubilee Celebration 2012-13
992   Sietsaru Multi-purpose Irrigation project at Phesama village, Kohima District, Nagaland
993   Sikkim - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
994   Sikkim - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses 2018
995   Silchar-Dwarbond-Gaglacherra-Phaisen (Assam)
996   Silchar-Dwarbond-Gaglacherra-Phaisen (Miz)
997   Silchar-Kalian Road
998   Simchuthang-Nanpol-Yangyang road
999   Simchuthang-Pabong-Yangyang Road
1000   Singhat-Sinzawl
1001   Soil Erosion protection of Kieliereu Kam River at Jalukie, Peren District, Nagaland
1002   Sonapur-Umden-Nongpoh (Assam)
1003   Sonapur-Umden-Nongpoh (Meghalaya)
1004   Special Type of Pottery and Stone Chip Allied products Production at Nungbi, Ukhrul District, Manipur
1005   Sports Infrastructure & Requirement of Sports Materials for Hosting of the 26th North East Games, 2012
1006   Sports Infrastructure Development of Hachchek Area at Mizoram
1007   Storm Water Drainage at Shamator Town, Tuensang District, Nagaland.
1008   Storm Water Drainage at Shamator Town, Tuensang District, Nagaland.
1009   Storm water drainage system for Gangtok
1010   Strengthening & Improvement of Central Sterile Supply Department in 5 Civil/District Hospitals of Mizoram
1011   Strengthening and continous production of Basic Seed in the Breeder Seed Potato Farm, Mao at Senapati District, Manipur
1012   Strengthening and Expansion of District Pig Breeding Farm, Siro, Lower Subansiri Dist., Arunachal Pradesh
1013   Strengthening of 33/11kV Sub-Station at Zaizawhtlang and Thenhlum with associated, Mizoram
1014   Strengthening of 33/11kV substation at Vairengte and Thingsulthliah, Mizoram
1015   Strengthening of basic Teacher's Training Institute at Baghmara & Tura
1016   Strengthening of Cardiology Department at Civil Hospital, Aizawl, Mizoram
1017   Strengthening of Central Hatchery, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh
1018   Strengthening of Dental Care in District Hospital and CHC in Manipur
1019   Strengthening of Dental Department at Civil Hospital, Aizawl and District Hospitals in Mizoram
1020   Strengthening of Exotic Pig Breeding Farm at Birchandra Manu, Tripura
1021   Strengthening of Fire and Emergency Services at Dimapur and Jalukie, Nagaland
1022   Strengthening of Gram Sevak Training Centre.U.G.T.C.,Lembucherra, Tripura
1023   Strengthening of Lengpui Airport Runway Pavement
1024   Strengthening of Radiology Department at Mangan CHC, Singtam CHC and Namchi CHC, Sikkim
1025   Strengthening of Radiology Department at Mangan CHC, Singtam CHC and Namchi CHC, Sikkim
1026   Strengthening of Silchar-Kalain Road
1027   Strengthening of Up-graded Gram Sevak Training Centre at Lembucherra, West Tripura for Skill Development of the Farmers and Extension Agencies, Tripura
1028   Strengthening of Veterinary Health care services through development of Infrastructure
1029   Strengthening of Vocational Training Centre, Rongkhon, Tura
1030   Strengthening, modernization and improvement of transmission and distribution system of Raj Bhawan, Mintokgang, High court, VIP area and surrounding areas in Gangtok, East Sikkim
1031   Strenthening and Restructuring of College of Teacher Education (PGT), Shillong
1032   Stringing of 132KV S/C line (Second Circuit on D/C Towers from Kakching to Churachandpur, Manipur
1033   Supply of school furniture to 261 nos. of Govt. rural schools in Sikkim
1034   Support for construction of 50 bedded hospital at Pistana, Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh
1035   Support for construction of balance work for 100 bedded Civil Hospital,Sonari,Sibsagar Dist.,Assam
1036   Support for development & implementation of computerized hospital management information system (HMIS) at Civil Hospital, Aizawl
1037   Support for Development of Additional Facilities at Specialization and Super Specialization in Assam Medical College,Dibrugarh
1038   Support for Development of Additional Facilities at Specialization and Super Specialization in Guwahati Medical College
1039   Support for Development of Additional Facilities at Specialization and Super Specialization in Silchar Medical College
1040   Support for Modernization of Bethel Medical Research Society, Kohima, Nagaland
1041   Support for Musical Instruments and Teaching of Music to School Children, Manipur
1042   Support for procurement and m/c for establishment of 6 bedded ICU at Presbyterian Hospital,Durtlang(Aizawl),Mizoram
1043   Support for Procurement of a C.T. Scan Machine(16 slices) at Civil Hospital , Aizawl, Mizoram
1044   Support for procurement of advanced medical devices & equipment at Christian Hospital, Imphal
1045   Support for Procurement of an M.R.I.(1.5 T) machine at Civil Hospital, Shillong, Meghalaya
1046   Support of District Hospital, Churanchanpur.
1047   Support to J.N. Hospital
1048   Support to Nursing School, Imphal
1049   Support to Zion Hospital & Research Centre, Dimapur
1050   Survey & Investigation for Tuivai HEP(3X17=51 MW): Manipur
1051   Survey & Investigation of Bishalgarh-Boxomnagar-Sonamura-Barpathari-Belonia road
1052   Survey & Investigation of Bishnupur-Nungba Road(0-70KM) Manipur
1053   Survey & Investigation of Mairang-Ranigodown-Azra road
1054   Survey & Investigation of Mairang-Ranigodown-Azra Road (Assam)
1055   Survey & Investigation of Sherkhan-Bhagabazar road
1056   Survey and Investigation and Preparation of DPR of Amring HEP
1057   Survey and Investigation and preparation of DPR of Umngot HEP 3x70 MW Stage -I East Khasi and Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya
1058   Survey and Investigation of Longding-Nokjan Road (Arunachal)
1059   Survey and Investigation of Longding-Nokjan Road (Nagaland)
1060   Survey and Investigation of Mankachar-Mahendraganj Road (Assam)
1061   Survey and Investigation of Mankachar-Mahendraganj Road (Meghalaya)
1062   Survey and Investigation of Mawblei HEP (2x70 MW), West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya.
1063   Survey and Investigation of Myntdu Leshka (Stage-II) HEP (3x70 MW) East and West Jaintia Hills District Meghalaya
1064   Survey and Investigation of Sangkhola-Sumin Road
1065   Survey and Investigation of Selim H E Project, 2x85 MW
1066   Survey and Investigation work of Nongkohlait HEP (2x60MW) Meghalaya
1067   Survey and Investigation Work of Umngi H.E. Project (2x27MW) Meghalaya
1068   Survey Investigation of Ganol HEP (Stage-II)
1069   Synchronisation of Rimbi Stage-I, Rimbi Stage-II and KKHEP(DENTAM) with the 66KV State Grid inc. renovation & modernization of Rimbi Stage-I, Stage-II and KKHEP(Phase-II)
1070   System Improvement and modernization i/c Augmentation of Distribution system of Uttarey Bazaar, Dentam Bazaar in West Sikkim
1071   System Improvement in and around Rupa Township including Substation for stability and voltage regulation of Rupa Kalaktang Area, West Kameng District Arunachal Pradesh
1072   System Improvement in and around Bomdila Township including Substation, West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh
1073   System Improvement in and around Nafra township, I/c Sub-Station at Nafra, Arunachal Pradesh
1074   System Improvement of Electrical Installation under Naharlagun Electrical Division, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh.
1075   System improvement of power distribution network in Dambuk under Lower Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh
1076   System Improvement under Raga Electrical Sub-Division in Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh
1078   Tamen-Dolongmukh Road
1079   Tamenglong-Tamei
1080   Tea Museum at Dibrugarh, Assam
1081   Thalfavang Kut 2014
1082   Thanlon-Singhat Road (Man)
1083   Thanlon-Singhat road (Miz)
1084   Tlabung-Kwarpuichhuah
1085   Tourist Infrastructure Development of Sikar Lake at Tirbin under West Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh
1086   Tripura - Financial Support to the Student of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Courses
1087   Tsutsung HEP (1000KW) Mokokchung, Nagaland
1088   Tuensang-Longleng-Ladaigarh (Assam)
1089   Tuensang-Longleng-Ladaigarh (Nagaland)
1090   Turung -Suminkhor
1091   Umngot H.E Project of 150 MW
1092   Up-gradation of 66kV to 132kV S/C Kiphire- Tuensang- Mokokchung Transmission Line (Phase-II), Nagaland
1093   Up-gradation of Equipment Infrastructure at Oking Hospital and Research Clinic at Kohima
1094   Up-gradation of Infrastructure of Impur Christian Hospital, Impur, Mokokchung District, Nagaland
1095   Up-gradation of Physical Infrastructure of Orthopedic Department at Guahati Medical College, Guwahati, Assam
1096   Up-gradation of Regional Children's Heart Surgical Unit at Sky Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd, Imphal West, Manipur
1097   Upgadation of Thanlon-Singhat(Ngopa-Tuivai) Road
1098   Upgradation of Zion Hospital,Dimapur for Paediatric Nursing Unit and Casualty and Physical Therapy Block
1099   Upgradation & Conversion of Existing dedicated 3.3 KV System into 11 KV System of Gangtok, Sikkim
1100   Upgradation & Remodelling of Existing Distribution System of MG Road and its surrounding areas, Gangtok, Sikkim.
1101   Upgradation and Beautification of Lachen Bazaar
1102   Upgradation and expansion of Government Khawpui Memorial Higher Secondary School Dawrpui Vengthar, Mizoram
1103   Upgradation and Maintenance of Science Laboratory in Science Colleges, Nagaland
1104   Upgradation and Modernization of 132/33 KV Meluri Sub-Station, Nagaland.
1105   Upgradation and Modernization of feeder of Selep water treatment Plant for Gangtok, Sikkim
1106   Upgradation and Strengthening of HT and LT Lines and Substations at Helipad Area, Bakthang and adjoining places in East Sikkim
1107   Upgradation of Flagship hotel, Imphal, North AOC, Manipur
1108   Upgradation of 66/33/11/kV Chumukedima Substation from 10MVA to 30 MVA, Nagaland
1109   Upgradation of 66kV to 132kV single circle Kiphire-Tuensang Transmission line, Nagaland
1110   Upgradation of Equipment Infrastructure and Development of District Hospitals, Meghalaya
1111   Upgradation of Equipment Infrastructure and Development of District Hospitals, Meghalaya
1112   Upgradation of Equipment Infrastructure at Aine Nursing Home and Diagnostic Centre, Jalukie, Peren District
1113   Upgradation of equipment infrastructure for est. of dialysis,endoscopic unit,upgradation of major O.T.,casualty&Emergency wards at Civil Hospital,Shillong
1114   Upgradation of Export Promotional Industrial Park (EPIP),Lengte, Mizoram
1115   upgradation of Forest Rest House at important Tourist Destinations of Arunachal Pradesh
1116   Upgradation of Hospitals and Health Centres in terms of Basic Equipment/ instruments and for labour room in PHCs of Sikkim
1117   Upgradation of infrastructure of Nursing School at Naga Hospital, Kohima, Nagaland
1118   Upgradation of infrastructure of Nursing School at Naga Hospital, Kohima, Nagaland
1119   Upgradation of Khuman Lampak Sports Complex
1120   Upgradation of Laboratory and Diagnostic Facilities and Setting up of Orthopedic Operation Theater at Civil Hospital, Tura, Meghalaya
1121   Upgradation of Mizoram Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd.
1122   Upgradation of Nagaland House at Shillong
1123   Upgradation of OPD Casualty and Diagnostic Block at Naga Hospital Kohima
1124   Upgradation of PHC at Raga/Boa Simla, Lower Subansiri Distt., Arunachal Pradesh
1125   Upgradation of Protective Home at Maumual, Aizawl District, Mizoram
1126   Upgradation of Regional Childrens Heart Surgical Unit at Sky Hospital and Research Centre Pvt Ltd Imphal West Manipur
1127   Upgradation of Science Laboratories and Library Assistance in High and Higher Secondary Schools, Manipur
1128   Upgradation of Sericulture training Institute at Titabor district, Jorhat, Assam
1129   Upgradation of the Distribution System including inst of new substations at strategic locations and strengthening of Ring Main, Gangtok
1130   Upgradation, Improvement and Renovation of Electrical installation in and around Kalaktang Township, Arunachal Pradesh
1131   Upgradation, Improvment and Widening of roads within Industrial Estate at Umiam, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya
1132   Upgradation, Strengthening of HL/LT Distribution System including Installation of New Substations at strategic locations of Deorali(Pani House Area) and Upper Syari Gangtok, Sikkim
1133   Upgradation/Modernisation of Class Rooms for Government Colleges at Nagaland
1134   Upgradation/Replacement of Machineries of the Spinning Unit aat Tulsibari, Assam
1135   Vaikhawtlang-Khungphah Road
1136   Vairengte Water Supply Scheme
1137   Vermicomposting Project in Nagaland
1138   Village/Rural Tourism under Cooperative Sector for Wahkdait Pashum Ropeway Transport, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit and Livestock Cooperative Society Ltd in Pynursla CRD Block East Khasi Hills District
1139   Viswema-Khedima-Zuketsa
1140   Vocational Infrastructure Development for Belfonte Community College at Shillong, East Khasi Hills and Umdohlun village, South West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
1141   Waishel Drainage Scheme in Manipur
1142   Wangala Dance Festival 2014 held on 6th to 8th November, 2014
1143   Wangala Dance festival 2016
1144   Water arrangement in Rural areas of Khowai District, West District and Sipahijala District of Tripura/Sinking and development of Deep Tube Well (DTW) schemes including construction of pump house, installation of pump set laying distribution pipeline etc.
1145   Water Investing and Irrigation in Sikkim Mandarin
1146   Water Supply at Ranipool, Sikkim
1147   Water Supply Scheme at Laisoipat, Yenapat and Awangsoi
1148   Water Supply Scheme for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Tuinom, Churachandpur , Manipur
1149   Water supply scheme of Namchi Town , Phase-II
1150   Watershed management for sustainable Agriculture production and improved livelihood, Nagaland
1151   Watershed Treatment for Flood Mitigation and Livelihood in Nagaland
1152   Winter Festival - 2018
1153   Winter Festival 2017 Mizoram
1154   Wokha-Merapani (Assam)
1155   Wokha-Merapani (Nagaland)
1156   World Bamboo Workshop 2019
1157   WSS at Lawnu CO Hq Kanubari, Longding District, Arunachal Pradesh
1158   Yimchenkimong-Waromong
1159   Zamuang-Hriphow (Assam)
1160   Ziro festival of Music 2014
1161   Ziro Festival of Music 2018
1162   Zofest - 2018
1163   Zofest 2016