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NEC Utilization Certificate Report Planning Dept. wise

       Sr No. Planning Department Total UC Filed Total UC Pending                               
        1 Planning Dept. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh 545 143                                                             
        2 Transformation and Development Department Govt. of Assam 301 82                                                             
        3 Planning Dept. Govt. of Manipur 332 108                                                             
        4 Planning Dept. Govt. of Meghalaya 371 116                                                             
        5 Planning Dept. Govt. of Mizoram 448 39                                                             
        6 Planning Dept. Govt. of Nagaland 512 64                                                             
        7 Planning Dept. Govt. of Sikkim 331 51                                                             
        8 Planning Dept. Govt. of Tripura 162 38